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Apple Watch 6 review

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Apple Watch 6 review: It can be better

While the Apple Watch remains one of the unique wearables you can buy, we’re still waiting for another advancement forwards in functionality and, perhaps, design too. The blood oxygen monitor is another amazing feature in the arsenal of health, Apple is building, but isn’t the headline feature most potential upgraders will be rooting for. As ever, the tiny improvements to the battery life and display are great, but it feels like there’s still untapped potential.




The Apple Watch Series 6 design is equivalent to that of any new Apple Watch (as in, from the Apple Watch 4 onwards). 

Coming in 40mm and 44mm flavors for more modest or bigger wrists individually, you’ll see the very adjusted edges that converge into the screen, the advanced crown that twists through the interface with a straightforward flick of the finger, and the force button beneath that capacities as an approach to bounce between applications. 

On the back of the Apple Watch 6 you have a pulse screen that has been redesigned on numerous occasions, and which here incorporates new highlights like blood oxygen detecting and the electrocardiogram (ECG) screen, as well as minding your ordinary pulse and cautioning you if things get higher or lower than typical. 

The Apple Watch 6 is likewise 5ATM confirmed, which implies it tends to be utilized for swimming and fly down to a profundity of 50m for 10 minutes on the off chance that you so wish – at the same time, in actuality, it implies that the Apple Watch is completely secured against ‘ordinary’ swimming. 

The greater story as far as the Apple Watch 6 plan is the new scope of tones – and the shade that especially grabbed our attention is red. It’s anything but, (a shading that Apple has utilized for a couple of years currently to help elevate the association attempting to free the universe of AIDS, and it’s by a long shot the most striking shade of the bundle – and, cheerfully, the one we had the chance to audit. 

Different tones, (gold, silver, graphite, space dark and blue), are additionally exceptional looking, and fit pleasantly with the very much produced feel of the Apple Watch. The cost is high, in all actuality, however you’re getting a perfectly made gadget for your money. 

It’s lightweight as well – at 36.5 grams (for the 44mm version) we didn’t feel it overloading our wrist all the time, and it’s occasionally simple to fail to remember you have it on. 

As could be, you’re ready to alter your Watch with various groups, and the new expansion in 2020 is the Solo Loop, an (costly) band that doesn’t have a clasp or velcro to catch it together, and which is rather made of stretchy silicone or plaited silicone that you maneuver over your hand onto your wrist. 

Tragically, the Solo Loop we were sent for audit designs was excessively enormous – it’s anything but a bangle around the wrist – yet we could see the guarantee of having the option to simply slip it over the wrist, and not need to play with fastens, or stress over it slumping around during the day.


The Apple Watch 6 presentation utilizes OLED innovation, and it’s a fine-looking screen therefore. At the point when you’re in hazier spots, it’s just the numbers, letters or anything that’s on the screen that you can see, as OLED innovation empowers the inconceivable difference between the high contrast tones, which makes whatever is on the Apple Watch 6 look truly striking. 

Where more seasoned Apple Watch models (and the new Apple Watch SE) expect you to raise your wrist to perceive what the time is or check a warning, the Watch 6 proceeds with where the Watch 5 remains off with a consistently in plain view. 

This implies you don’t have to raise your wrist to see the time or a caution, and can simply look down to perceive what’s going on. Contingent upon the watch face you have set up – and there are presently many – you’ll likewise see refreshed information on news, wellbeing details or battery existence without expecting to raise up the Apple Watch and completely wake your gadget (which will utilize more force).

Nonetheless, while this is helpful, we feel it’s as yet not very much carried out. The consistently in plain view is useful on occasion, yet for the most part we simply need to see the time. The issue is that, despite the fact that the screen of the Apple Watch 6 darkens when it’s anything but being taken a gander at, it’s still rather brilliant. 

So at whatever point things get more obscure, you either need to place it into theater/film mode (which is bothering to do, and afterward requires a catch press to show the time), start rest following to get the low-light monochrome rendition of the show or simply acknowledge that your watch will be shining rather splendidly. 

We’d prefer there was a possibility for simply an extremely, faintly sparkling arrangement of numbers for the time – we would prefer not to see the entire watch face, a tiny bit of perspective on the time that is not diverting.

Blood oxygen monitor

The Apple Watch is plainly a wearable that is intended for wellness, and the Apple Watch 6 is the apex of the organization’s wellbeing and wellness desires so far. Consistently we get new wellness and wellbeing highlights, so how about we start with the enormous one for the Watch 6: the blood oxygen screen. 

Initially, we should not fail to remember that it’s been around as a choice on different wearables like the Fitbit Charge 4 (and telephones, including individuals from the Samsung Galaxy range) for quite a while now. 

So it’s anything but another element, however the inquiry is the way Apple is carrying out it into the new watch, and whether it very well may be really helpful, particularly when the world is confronting a respiratory infection based pandemic. 

Yet, before we get to that, how about we simply remind ourselves what a blood oxygen (or SPO2) sensor really does. Terminating red and infra-red light under the skin, the diodes on the underside of the Apple Watch 6 can peruse the shade of your blood, and work out from that how much oxygen you’re siphoning near. 

There are different sentiments on what ‘great’ resembles for a rate, however assuming you’re more than 95%, for the most part you’re in a decent spot. 

You can run a committed SPO2 test on the watch, standing by for 15 seconds to test it, or you can have the Apple Watch 6 test for the duration of the day – we did both, and the outcomes to a great extent coordinated up, and generally we were over the 95% limit. 

Yet… generally. As per the Health application on the telephone, which records this data, there was a second when our SPO2 level tumbled to 88% – was that something to stress over? We expected that, since it wasn’t rehashed, it’s anything but an exception perusing, however it’s anything but somewhat perturbing to see. 

What’s more, thus the main issue is brought to light with the new SPO2 sensor on the Apple Watch. From one perspective, it very well may be consoling to see your blood oxygen level sitting pleasantly where it ought to be… yet similarly, Apple is saying the Apple Watch 6 is completely not a clinical gadget, and ought to just be utilized for your own data (which, it ought to be noted, most wearables available with a SPO2 sensor are expressing also). 

How would you manage that data if Apple says it’s anything but intended for clinical use? Would it be a good idea for us to confide in it? Or on the other hand would it be a good idea for it to be overlooked if the outcomes may fluctuate with fit and movement occasionally? 

Indeed, the straightforward answer is: it’s something pleasant to need to remain educated. In case you’re seeing a drop in SPO2 frequently simultaneously as feeling other sick impacts, you can make a beeline for the specialist to put your psyche very still. In case you’re at height, and unexpectedly the oxygen immersion level in your blood drops, you can settle on a choice. 

In any case, it feels odd that Apple isn’t giving you notices that your SPO2 dropped haphazardly as the night progressed – which can mean the occasionally genuine state of rest apnea – or, exhorting you, when your pulse gets lower or higher than expected very still, regardless of whether you need to take care of business immediately. 

We don’t know why Apple isn’t offering those cautions, and it makes it difficult to say whether the SPO2 meter is especially helpful subsequently. 

In any case, joined with the capacity to take an ECG and screen your heart’s standard yield, it’s anything but a solace, and those with heart conditions would likely still float towards the Watch 6 therefore.


With the new Apple Watch 6, there are countless approaches to watch out for your overall prosperity, and having the option to close your ‘Move Rings’, the metric Apple uses to tell you how dynamic you’re being. 

With each new Apple Watch discharge, the brand carries more approaches to follow your endeavors so you genuinely realize how dynamic you are, and urge you to attempt news things also. 

As customary perusers of TechRadar will know, we’re truly into running. Hurling on a Garmin or Apple Watch and going for a couple of miles’ excursion is something we consistently appreciate, and the Apple Watch is improving at checking that every year. 

Running is currently joined by more exercises than any other time, with moving and ‘chilling off’ being added to the developing list of wellness highlights. 

Yet, it’s difficult about moving: the Watch assists with being careful and thinking (the last is made particularly simple on account of the installed ‘Inhale’ application, which stimulates your wrist with little vibrations to reveal to you when to take in or out). 

With your Watch both checking these exercises and observing your pulse, you’re getting a precise calorie consume, so you can perceive how well you’re doing in case you’re on a wellness kick.

The Apple Watch 6 (and others in the Watch range) will likewise help you while heading to your objectives of standing sufficient occasions, adequately moving or getting sufficient exercise by provoking you now and again during that time to get dynamic when it thinks you have a second to do it – it’s somewhat useful. 

In any case, the wellness following on the Apple Watch is additionally restricted in a couple of ways as well. We took the Watch 6, Watch SE, Watch 5 and Watch 4 out for a 15-mile run, and there are as yet a couple of things the Watch 6 hasn’t fixed. 

Right off the bat, the running piece of the Workouts application is still somewhat restricted. Apple makes it with the goal that the GPS inside (which ought to be genuinely precise, as you can interface with different satellites to discover your area) doesn’t need to ‘bolt’ before you need to begin running, to simply get you out and looking for work. 

It’s acceptable when you’re beginning, however less exact when you move toward longer distances. Contrasting the Watch range with the Garmin, which requires a legitimate GPS lock prior to beginning, there was a little divergence in our distance-run numbers, particularly while going through naturally shaded conditions. 

It likewise changed a considerable amount while doing likewise run over and over – while doing likewise 6.5-mile course with the Watch SE and the Watch 6, we saw a 0.2-mile dissimilarity, and very unique mile parts all through – which doesn’t raise total trust somewhere far off and speed following. 

In any case, on other more limited runs the distances were really similar, so it can frequently rely upon the landscape and how unequivocally the GPS sign can be gotten. 

There’s additionally the pulse screen on the back – we frequently track down that this on-the-wrist beat observing innovation is less precise than wearing a chest lash, and there were times when the Apple Watch 6 unmistakably battled to keep a track on our pulse when we were running. 

That shouldn’t put off imminent Watch proprietors who like the possibility of a pulse screen on their wrist – it was pretty much as great as anything we’ve tried of late, bar some extremely top of the line running watches; it’s simply that it actually lost association every now and then. 

Setting the Watch higher up our arm assisted with the precision (as it’s simpler for the sensor to peruse the beat through the skin here), yet it was difficult wasn’t happy and fell advances in the long run. 

The Apple Watch 6 actually feels like a wellness wearable for everybody, interesting to the majority instead of the wellness monster. What’s more, that is the correct route round – the individuals who need something more devoted can undoubtedly discover it somewhere else. 

We need to wear the Watch 6 for everything, however, so it would be extraordinary if Apple outfitted this gadget with an approach to set up span preparing, all the more effectively see laps when you’re attempting to beat a mile PB, or simply venture up the Workouts application to empower those who’ve been preparing with the Watch for quite a long time to go to a higher level. 

At the present time wellness on the Apple Watch actually feels somewhat essential, and after such a long time we were wanting to see somewhat more profundity.

Battery life

The Apple Watch 6 can pretty much deal with this, yet you’ll have to charge it decently not long after waking – so in case you will utilize this Watch without limit, and get your rest track on, then, at that point you’ll require an every day window where you can charge it. 

On the in addition to side, the S6 chipset inside the Apple Watch 6 is, in fact, the most productive processor Apple has at any point placed in a wearable. You’d expect the mix of the consistently in plain view and the SPO2 sensor would be undeniably even more a battery-channel than on the Apple Watch SE, for example; however, over a 15-mile run, 110-minute run we tracked down that the Watch 6 really utilized less battery than the SE, as Apple has made the GPS following more proficient. 

The equivalent is valid for music playback, so these smartwatch highlights are to a lesser extent an issue, battery-wise, on Apple’s most recent model. 

The Watch 6 likewise charges a lot quicker than past models – in a next to each other examination with the Watch SE, from 0% the Watch 6 was completely energized in a short time, while the Watch SE, with the more established S5 chip, required 100 minutes to top off. 

In ‘typical’ use, that is with the SPO2 sensor and consistently in plain view terminating, the Watch 6 will last 20% not exactly the Watch SE in a similar utilization conditions, in spite of the fact that obviously you can generally kill these highlights – you will not be getting a similar usefulness, yet it’s anything but an approach to get the best battery life on any Apple Watch. 

With every one of the settings killed you’ll get tantamount battery life to the Apple Watch SE, yet with greater life span during exercises or paying attention to music. 

Also, remember: there’s no charging block in the container any more (however you do get a charging link). All things considered, on the off chance that you’ve not got a USB charging block lying around some place, we wonder where you’ve been for the last decade.

watchOS 7

The Apple Watch 6 is the grandstand for the most recent rendition of Apple’s wearable working framework, yet the standard provisions apply: similar highlights (blood oxygen observing excepted) are additionally going to the new Apple Watch SE, and will be carried out to each gadget from the Watch 3 onwards. 

Notwithstanding, we’re keen on testing how these new highlights perform on the Watch 6, to perceive how all around enhanced the gadget is for them. There are some we’ve not dove into here, like moving and cool-down checking in wellness, better approaches to customize and share your Watch face with your own confusions, and planning your bicycle rides in a hurry – you can discover about those, and others, in our committed watchOS 7 center point.

Sleep tracking

The main thing we needed to give a shot with the new Apple Watch was Sleep Tracking, which has at long last diverted up on a wearable from Apple. 

It’s an especially welcome component for the individuals who are as of now wearing their Watch in bed, not least since you can set the time you’re resting and the showcase gets monochrome, and you will not have the option to wake it effectively, as you’ll have to turn the computerized crown to get back in – it’s a fantastic method to help you oppose the compulsion to watch that last warning when you should sink into sleep. 

The rest following itself is exceptionally essential surely, however. It’ll work out when you get into bed depending on when you put down your telephone, and will then, at that point, screen how long you’re snoozing for. This information is taken care of into the Health application on your telephone, so you’ll have the option to perceive how your rest time is expanding or diminishing over a period. 

There’s no data on whether you invested energy in profound rest, light rest or REM, nor any relationship with sleep times, or how focused on you were during the day – these are quickly turning out to be standard highlights on other wellness wearables, so we hoped for something else from Apple here. 

The wake-up screen is decent, showing you the measure of battery left and the climate for the afternoon – so while it’s anything but a restricted component, the components it has are top notch.

Hand-washing monitoring

The hand-washing highlight evidently wasn’t made because of the Covid-19 pandemic, however its quality on the Apple Watch 6 is helpful for reminding you to wash your hands for 20 seconds, giving a commencement as you do as such. 

It’s a component that got very inconsistent for us, yet over the space of a couple of days it turned out to be more precise. 

We’ve been wearing both the Watch SE and the Watch 6 for the testing time frame, and seldom did the two of them fire simultaneously when we turned on a tap and started scouring up – there was regularly a five-second dissimilarity. 

The hand-washing highlight is likewise somewhat difficult to please – on the off chance that you’ve not got your hands close to a running spigot, yet are as yet washing them reasonably energetically, the Watch will stop the commencement clock. This feels uncalled for when you are really washing your hands, yet the end result is that you simply wind up washing for more to fulfill the Watchful look from your wrist. 

In decency, this should be an unbelievably hard component to function admirably – the Watch needs to tune in for the particular sound of running water simultaneously as identifying an unmistakable hand movement, so it’s quite great that it fills in as regularly as it does.

Translation Feature

The last component we’ll gesture to here is the interpretation ability of Siri – which, incidentally, is really touchy on the Apple Watch 6, initiating definitely more regularly than it’s intended to, in any event, when you’re not conversing with the Watch. 

Notwithstanding, say something like “Decipher ‘I have a flawless pack of coconuts, there they are largely remaining in succession, enormous ones, little ones, some as large as your head’ into French” and the voice associate rapidly pivots the reaction – and plays it with the right highlight as well. 

There are a wide scope of dialects that Siri can convert into – Mandarin, French, German, Italian, and Spanish – yet you can’t have a discussion from your wrist, as the Watch can’t make an interpretation back into English yet.

Other features we used

As referenced, watchOS 7 is based on a framework that packs heaps of helpful (and some not-so-valuable) usefulness at its heart. The primary one that we’ve been utilizing is raising to address Siri – where you don’t have to say ‘Hello Siri’ or hold the catch – simply raise your wrist and begin talking. 

At the point when it works, it’s splendid, empowering you to quickly set a clock, discover what tune is playing, call a companion, or mood killer a light in your shrewd home. 

You do have to get the motion right however, and again and again we found that Siri wasn’t indeed tuning in, which diverts you off from utilizing a voice associate in a flash, particularly if others can see you. 

One thing we haven’t referenced is the utilization of cell information with your Apple Watch. The measure of times you’ll require it are restricted – being able to have Siri with you when your telephone isn’t, or to settle on a decision, or pay attention to an Apple Music playlist is decent, yet the additional expense of the information plan is less engaging. 

Nonetheless, discussing telephone calls, we made a few calls utilizing the Apple Watch when our iPhone was in another room, and the speaker was clear and fresh, with the amplifier getting each word – it’s essential to see the value in exactly that it is so cool to have the option to do this. 

One component we didn’t utilize much was Walkie-Talkie mode – somewhat recently, we’ve tracked down that individuals we would visit to (while amusingly saying ‘over’ toward the finish of each sentence) utilizing this technique has dropped to where we presently feel like we’re simply going to be bothering by mentioning a visit. 

We returned to utilizing the element to converse with one buddy we used to consistently speak with – however it seems like something that it’s simply enjoyable to use in short bursts every once in a while, as opposed to a fundamental element. 

The last thing we attempted was the Watch App Store, to check whether it had advanced somewhat recently. Somehow or another it has, with there being more Apple Watch applications accessible than any other time in recent memory – however the initial screen of the App Store on the Watch causes you to feel like there’s very little there. 

There are no classes to delve into, or not insignificant arrangements of custom fitted suggestions, simply a short rundown of apparently arbitrary alternatives, and keeping in mind that we like having the option to snatch another application without expecting to go after our telephone, it doesn’t actually feel like it merits the exertion of doing as such on the little screen when the bigger iPhone can do the work quite a lot more viably.

Who should Buy it?

Suitable for

You need to future-confirmation yourself 

On the off chance that you realize you will clutch it’s anything but a couple of years, you ought to consistently go for the most current form of whatever Apple thing you will purchase – it’ll be upheld for more with refreshes, it’ll offer longer battery life, and it’ll offer the largest scope of highlights. 

You’re into the shading red 

We realize it sounds shallow, however the red shade of the Apple Watch 6 truly is striking – it’s effectively the most loved adaptation we’ve lashed to our wrist. 

You have wellbeing concerns 

Admonition once more: Apple doesn’t need you to utilize the Watch 6 as a clinical gadget. In any case, having the option to take ordinary ECGs, or having a foundation screen of your blood oxygen, is valuable on the off chance that you have any conditions where those are issues – and the pulse alarms bring true serenity as well.

Not suitable for

You wouldn’t fret raising your wrist 

The only genuine explanation we can perceive of any reason why numerous individuals would need the new Watch 6 is that it’s currently the only one you can purchase from Apple with the consistently in plain view. On the off chance that you’re OK with doing a ‘wrist flick’ to see the time, go for the Watch 3 or SE and set aside cash. 

You have ‘into’ wellness 

In the event that you’ve been utilizing an Apple Watch for some time, and are more genuine about wellness, the Watch 6 isn’t extraordinary for things like stretch rehashes, checking your lap speed or including simple rest stops in a dip meeting. Apple needs a Watch Pro straightaway, as we would like to think. 

You need normal rest bits of knowledge 

While it’s cool to have the option to follow how long you’re dozing every night after some time, it’s more helpful to know the nature of that rest – and the Watch 6 isn’t offering that locally. In the event that you need a different application for it, you should go for a devoted model like a Whoop Strap or Fitbit Sense.

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