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You should change this one Apple Watch setting now!

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Is your Apple Watch annoying you with constant notifications? Changing this setting will help

The Apple Watch may be the best smartwatch money can buy, but it’s not without flaws. I’d even go as far as to describe the Apple Watch as a pest.

You’re well aware of what I’m referring to. Depending on your notification settings, you may receive a half-dozen alerts from your watch in addition to the regular iPhone notifications. These alerts prompt you to take a stroll, stand up, or take a deep breath.

Alternatively, if your Apple Watch is running watchOS 8, the long-standing breath notifications have been replaced by Mindfulness app alerts. The new Mindfulness app combines scheduled breathing exercises with a reflection tool to create a stress-relieving experience.

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Sure, the Mindfulness alerts could serve as a gentle reminder to unwind during the day. However, as someone who does not use the Mindfulness app, I find them irritating. For meditation or other mental health workouts, I recommend one of the best Apple Watch apps from a third-party developer. That’s not to say Mindfulness isn’t useful; I just don’t require as many alerts.

Turn off Apple Watch’s mindfulness notifications.

  1. On the iPhone with which your Apple Watch is paired, open the Watch app.
  1. Select Mindfulness from the native app list in the My Watch tab. To access the app’s settings, tap Mindfulness.
  1. Check the settings for your Mindfulness notifications. There are options to set Mindfulness reminders, get a weekly Mindfulness summary, and mute Mindfulness alerts for the rest of the day.
apple watch series 7 turn off mindfulness notifications
  1. To turn off Mindfulness notifications on Apple Watch, select “Notifications Off.”

You should no longer receive notifications from the Mindfulness app in the future. Using the same settings option as before, you may switch notifications back on at any moment.

Now that you know how to disable Mindfulness alerts, check out some other quick iOS tips, including as one that instantly increases your headphone level. You might also be interested in learning how to kill all Safari tabs on your iPhone and how to use the iPhone or iPad’s hidden touchpad.

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