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Furbulous: Automatic Self-Packing Cleaning Cat Litter Box

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With the Furbulous self-pack cat litter box, you can keep your cat’s bathroom spotless. It even fills a fresh garbage bag with automatic packing and sealing technology. Additionally, the litter used in the garbage can prevents the spread of toxic aflatoxin mould, which is bad for cats and the neighbourhood. Therefore, all of those issues are avoided by the technology used for packing and sealing inside the garbage can. This cat litter box with automatic cleaning is very practical, and it even features a no-pinch design. As a result, your cat won’t ever become stuck inside the Furbulous! In general, you can fill the garbage can whenever you like. Wait until the “trash box full” signal appears, or just empty it right away after cleaning. It’s quite practical.

Packed & Sealed automatically: Furbulous

The ground-breaking design has now undergone extensive testing and refinement and is ready to hit the market at an incredible early bird price. This week, the aptly called Furbulous Box launched its crowdfunding effort on Indiegogo to bring the creative idea to life. The Box, which has a large 7-liter waste container and is big enough for cats up to 25 lbs, can be used in households with many cats.

Your Pet’s Safety is #1 Priority

A 7 Sensor Protection System is also included with the Furbulous to help keep your cat secure at all times. With the help of the cutting-edge anti-pinch technology, your cat will remain secure when using the litter box. Thankful for the inbuilt Lifeguard System that tracks your cat’s movements and weight fluctuations in the Box. Any maintenance or cleaning procedures the Box is currently executing will be immediately halted if movement is detected. ensuring the safety of even the most elusive cats who might attempt to sneak up on the apparatus and enter the box covertly


Easy Disposal and Cleaning: Furbulous

You can easily remove all used kitty litter with just one click thanks to the movable entrance door and inbuilt litter tunnel with Mobius-strip design.

It is simple to disassemble the globe, filter screen, and litter bed so that they can be washed under running water.

Compatible with all clumping cat litter

The Box contains a waste-removing filter screen in the form of a shell that works with all commercially available clumping cat litter. allowing you to use the automatic cleaning and processing systems inside the Box while still using your preferred clay, tofu, mixed, or other type of clumping cat litter. By setting the filtration screen to only remove clumps and leave only new, clean litter in the tray, you can guarantee your cat will always have a healthy environment to utilise. Not only would this save you money, but it will also give your cat a clean, secure area to use whenever necessary.

Removes Odors: Furbulous

The Furbulous Box has a natural perfumed odour that will automatically counteract any unfavourable odours produced after use to help keep your home feeling fresh at all times. supplying a clean, fresh scent that won’t harm or disturb your cat in any way.

Handles Sticky Poop and Urine leakages

Polyester cloth that is non-stick, water-proof, and scratch-proof is used to make the litter bed inside the globe.

Urine leakage is reduced because to the litter bed’s built-in sealing strip.

Smarter Care with the Furbulous App

With every use, your phone will allow you to track your cat’s weight and behavioural patterns. You can spot any bowel irregularities and weight changes with the help of visually shown weekly and monthly insights.

Ideal for Large size Cats and Multi Cat Family

The 60L extra-large globe is perfect for cats of all sizes. As long as they can access the Furbulous box, they are free to use it (the entrance door is 8.27″x9.65″).

There is no restriction on the cat’s weight because we upgraded the weight scale.

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