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Huawei Eyewear II review

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A quality pair of smart glasses, but not a must get device


As good-looking and unobtrusive as they are to wear, the Eyewear II are far too expensive to not offer better sound and more features.



Huawei X Gentle Monster Eyewear II: Design

Huawei by and by collaborated with South Korean glasses producer Gentle Monster to plan the second era of its brilliant glasses, and you can’t deny they look great. 

There are two forms of the Eyewear II accessible: The rounder Myma or the smaller Lang (imagined). You can get either with energized focal points, but at the same time there’s the choice of remedy focal points in specific business sectors. 

Whichever choice you pick, they don’t cause a lot to notice themselves. The all-glass front of the Lang specs positively looks exceptional, however less that they shout “savvy glasses” at passers-by. There are no catches on the sides, and the speaker grilles are covered up on the base edge, so it’s just the thickness of the arms that surrender away that something’s. 

The arms are decently chonky contrasted with ordinary glasses, yet that is on the grounds that you’ll locate all the sharp stuff inside. Towards the focal point on either side are contact sensors, which let you control things with taps, swipes and squeezes. Behind them, sitting simply over your ear, are the speakers. 

In spite of their size, the Eyewear are as yet agreeable to wear on account of the contact focuses on your nose and ears being held near the extents of a typical pair of glasses. They’re light as well, with the heavier Myma adaptation weighing simply 1.69 ounces (47.9 grams), which is a touch lighter than the same Bose Frames’ 1.76 ounces (49.89 grams) yet just barely 

The glasses live inside a dark cuboid case, which with its lovely inclination cowhide and two glossy zippers looks reasonably extravagant. It’s not the most helpful shape to haul around however accordingly 

Charging is quite straightforward since the case is likewise its remote charger. The case doesn’t contain a battery be that as it may, so you’ll have to have the case connected for it to control up the glasses. In the event that, similar to me, you’re utilized to the cases for your earbuds additionally going about as a portable charging station, this is unintuitive, and got me out a couple of times, leaving me with a couple of inert glasses. However, it implies that notwithstanding the case’s size, it stays light.

Huawei X Gentle Monster Eyewear II: Audio

I didn’t anticipate that the Eyewear should be terrible, yet nor did I anticipate that they should be very however agreeable as they seem to be all things considered. Everything emerges from the double speakers with a brilliant clear solid, despite the fact that there is certifiably not a tremendous measure of bass. 

Looking at the nature of Pharoah Sanders’ “You’ve Got to Have Freedom” on the Eyewear and the AirPods Pro, the exaggerated saxophone, expand piano and twofold bass sound more extravagant on the earbuds. Anyway the Eyewear offers one benefit in that its open plan implies you get a shockingly successful soundstage impact. Sure you can get sound system on any half-good pair of ‘buds, yet you don’t get the chance to hear precisely where in the room all the performers were remaining on a considerable lot of them. 

Watching a scene of Schitt’s Creek demonstrated less pleasant. With just exchange playing, the restricted powerful scope of the speakers turns out to be very self-evident. It seems like you’re tuning in to the Rose family manage the town’s unconventional goings-on from down the telephone rather than directly in the scene with them. 

You will not have any desire to utilize the Eyewear for top to bottom tuning in; the sort of time you put on your number one collection, plunk down in your comfiest seat and revel altogether the subtleties. You lose a lot of detail contrasted with ordinary earphones. All things considered, the Eyewear make for a fantastic easygoing listening instrument, when you’re attempting to accomplish something different however need something out of sight. This would be better from my viewpoint on the off chance that they had remedy focal points in, since having the world watch hazier and out of center isn’t useful for my profitability. All very similar, I delighted in having the option to tune in to a YouTube video while as yet having the option to address my housemates as they went through the kitchen, and no uncertainty clients with better visual perception might want it much more. 

In any case, you will not have any desire to tune in to tracks in an especially loud climate. Not exclusively is there no type of commotion dropping, but at the same time there’s nothing impeding your ears like there is with ordinary earphones, so you will be hearing the world as much as your music. In any event, opening the windows of my room/office to allow in the hints of close by traffic was sufficient to thoroughly muffle the glasses playing a web recording at a sensible volume. 

That is acceptable at times, say in case you’re strolling to work and need to listen up for traffic. This will not be acceptable in case you’re attempting to focus when you arrive. 

The receivers are more fragile. I recorded a couple of voice notes with the Eyewear and my voice consistently sounded inaccessible and a little crackly. That was utilizing the alleged HD recording method of the glasses, an element bolted to Huawei telephones, so I fear to think what the typical quality mode seems like. Huawei specifies in its showcasing material that the Eyewear is a brilliant instrument for without hands vlogging, however in the event that I tapped on a YouTube video that seemed like that, I’d click off again rapidly.

Huawei X Gentle Monster Eyewear II: Comfort and controls

The Eyewear are superbly subtle to wear. Maybe this is on the grounds that I wear glasses in any case, however I failed to remember I was wearing them for significant stretch of time until I moved from my work area and saw that the sound accompanied me. That is not recognition I’d provide for the AirPods Pro, what while comfortable and well fitted, don’t vanish from memory like the Eyewear do. 

Utilizing the tap controls are quite simple also. Dissimilar to other sound items where you need to realize where the sweet spot for making the touch controls work is, you can fundamentally tap or swipe anyplace on the glasses’ arms and get the outcome you need. 

You turn on the Eyewear essentially by putting it all over. It’s somewhat delayed to boot up, taking anyplace between two to five seconds, however soon enough the glasses cordially present themselves with a “good evening” or comparable ideal welcome. 

With the glasses on, you have an astonishing number of control techniques. You can tap the glasses, swipe along them or squeeze and hold them. 

Play/stop, skip tracks, modify volume or bring your telephone’s computerized associate. You can likewise empower a four-finger squeeze signal that allows you to play out a voice interpretation or voice note. 

At the point when you’re done with the glasses, simply take them off to allow them to close down. Anyway they don’t really kill promptly, since you can return the glasses on again and keep tuning in to music straight away on the off chance that you adjust your perspective inside the three-minute window before the Eyewear kills completely. The glasses know they’re not all over however, so your telephone will either stop whatever you’re playing or reroute the sound through another gadget when they’re taken out, except if you change that choice in the settings. 

It’s somewhat delayed to respond however, at any rate when I tried them with a Mate 30 Pro. No telephone’s equipped for an entirely smooth hand-off between a sound gadget and its own speakers, yet two or three seconds’ postponement is more lazy than the similar involvement in an iPhone and a couple of AirPods.

Huawei X Gentle Monster Eyewear II: Privacy

In spite of the fact that you can hear essentially everything going on external the Eyewear, your own sounds are left well enough alone. I requested that my flatmates reveal to me the amount they could know about a web recording and with the volume at my typical level, clearly they couldn’t hear a thing. I needed to maximize the volume before they could tell the glasses were really playing music, yet that was excessively boisterous for me to serenely utilize.


Huawei X Gentle Monster Eyewear II: Companion apps

You can utilize the Eyewear by means of a telephone’s Bluetooth menu as a common sound gadget, yet the best way to get full usefulness is to download Huawei’s AI Life application, accessible on the Google Play Store or Huawei’s App Gallery. You will not locate this on the iOS App Store, so Huawei offers rather a particular Eyewear application for you to deal with the glasses through, in spite of the fact that it offers less highlights. 


Whichever application you’re utilizing, it’s through this that you can modify different choices and send firmware updates to the Eyewear. The first-class includes empowered by the application are control rebinding and the “Discover my glasses” mode on AI Life. 


You have a little opportunity in altering what the controls do. Each order out of twofold tap, swipe and squeeze on either the left or right arm has the decision of two orders or to sit idle. You can likewise debilitate wear identification in the event that you locate that abnormal to utilize. 


Discover my glasses, obviously, encourages you to find your lost pair of Eyewear. You need to sign in with your Huawei ID, yet whenever you’ve done this, the application shows you a guide with the glasses’ area, and the actual glasses produce a signaling sound when you draw near to assist you with finding it in a little territory.


Huawei X Gentle Monster Eyewear II: Battery

A full charge of the Eyewear will allow you 5 hours of playback as per the authority figures. I anyway had the option to tune in to right around 7 hours of YouTube recordings before the glasses fell over, so plainly it’s conceivable to extract more use from a solitary charge contingent upon your utilization. 

That life span is comparable to the normal pair of genuine remote earbuds. Besides without the advantage of a charging case, it’s somewhat trickier to top them off in case you’re progressing. 


Topping them off from void to 100% charged requires about 90 minutes. That is maybe more slow than would be ideal, however it implies you can undoubtedly get a day’s utilization from the glasses with a short charging break. 


Since it utilizes USB-C to charge, you ought to effectively locate a link to utilize in the event that you don’t end up having one on you, in addition to your glasses sit securely for the situation while it does. That is not normal for the Bose Frames, which utilize an exclusive connector that joins straightforwardly to the actual glasses, which is undeniably less helpful and builds the danger of unplanned harm to the glasses. 


The general insight of keeping the Eyewear beat up isn’t ideal. In any case, it’s much better than what other practically identical items are utilizing.


Huawei X Gentle Monster Eyewear II: Bottom Line

The Huawei Eyewear II are all around planned both as far as equipment and programming, similarly as you’d anticipate from the organization. Anyway however astute as these seem to be, they can’t do an immense sum in excess of a pleasant arrangement of remote earbuds, and a few things they do more regrettable than a couple of ‘buds a large portion of the cost or less. Despite the fact that these appear to be superior to the Bose Frames, the expanded cost doesn’t appear to be very great. 


These are certainly not a fundamental contraption, more a costly hello tech oddity; great instead of functional. Anyway I need to offer my appreciation to Huawei for including various refinements that I can anticipate turning into the norm for savvy glasses in future. It’s difficult to suggest them however, to try and individuals enthused about keen glasses, due to the eye-watering sticker price and the trouble of discovering them in the U.S.

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