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LG 34GP83A-B Monitor Review

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Highly Recommended Gaming Monitor of 2021

The LG 34GP83A-B is an incredible ultrawide gaming screen. It has a huge, bended screen that gives stunning submersion when gaming and huge loads of land for work. It has quick reaction time, low information slack, and you can overclock its 144Hz revive rate up to 160 Hz to convey smoother and more responsive interactivity. Review points are fair, fine for sharing substance nonchalantly or center gaming; notwithstanding, there’s some deficiency of picture exactness when seeing from the side, so it probably won’t be great in the event that you need to share work that requires accuracy. Tragically, while it gets sufficiently splendid to beat glare effectively, it isn’t sufficient to convey a genuine HDR experience. Likewise, it has a low difference proportion that causes blacks to seem dim in obscurity. On the potential gain, content makers ought to be content to hear that it has full sRGB and great Adobe RGB inclusion, amazing angle taking care of, and no shading drain.




  • Display: 34 in, IPS, W-LED, 3440 x 1440 pixels.
  • Viewing angles (H/V): 178 ° / 178 °
  • Brightness: 400 cd/m²
  • Static contrast: 1000 : 1.
  • Refresh rate: 48 Hz – 144 Hz.
  • Adobe RGB: 88.6 %
  • Dimensions: 820.42 x 360.68 x 104.14 mm.
  • Weight: 5.49 kg.


The LG 34GP83A-B is a super wide screen with an enormous screen, pressing a gigantic cluster of gaming-explicit elements, and it looks through and through like one, however it includes some significant pitfalls. Yet, the plan and provisions portray the way that LG has reduced out to legitimize the sticker price. 

For most part, the plan does. This is a really great gaming screen. As we’ve generally expected of LG, the base plan of the UltraGear 34GP83A-B is attractive, and like other UltraGear models. It sports the mark ‘essentially borderless’ bezels, which are exceptionally meager without a doubt.

A major screen will overwhelm even the biggest work areas, yet the slender bezels guarantee that you huge yourself in the genuine screen, as opposed to an exhausting form. Those dainty bezels likewise help to give the 34GP83A-B an advanced look, and you may not effectively differentiate it from its 38-inch kin, the LG 38GL950G-B gaming screen.

Around the rear of the UltraGear 34GP83A-B you’ll discover a progression of LEDs that can synchronize with music or special visualizations – LG calls them Sphere Lighting 2.0, yet it’s essentially a framework like the Ambilight included on Philips TVs. It’s an incredible expansion, and you’ll see it more valuable in obscurity as more light is tossed onto the divider behind the screen. The light arrangement can be changed in the settings utilizing the LG UltraGear Control Center programming.


Curved = Yes

Curve = Radius 1900R

Weight = (without stand) 11.9 lbs (5.4 kg)

Weight = (with stand)  16.8 lbs (7.6 kg)


Width = 17.9″ (45.4 cm)

Depth =12.2″ (31.1 cm)


Wall Mount = VESA 100×100


Port choice is brilliant, even with the absences of a USB-C port and Thunderbolt that are becoming norm in the very good quality PC screen industry. 


In any case, the accessible port choices are magnificent, including: two USB (counting an upstream USB port for associating with your PC), two HDMI, a DisplayPort and a sound jack. This load of ports are effectively open on the back of the screen – we discovered the area much helpful than having them on the base.

Total Inputs

DisplayPort 1 (DP 1.4)

Mini DisplayPort No

HDMI 2 (HDMI 2.0)



DisplayPort Out No

USB 2 (USB 3.0)


Analog Audio Out 3.5mm 1

Microphone In 3.5mm No

Digital Optical Audio Out No

Analog Audio Out RCA No

Power Supply External Brick

Resolution And Size

Native Resolution 3440 x 1440

Aspect Ratio 21:9

Megapixels 5.0 MP

Pixel Density 

 108 PPI

Screen Diagonal 34.0″

Screen Area 418 in²

The LG 34GP83A has a huge, high-goal screen that conveys a vivid gaming experience and gives huge loads of screen space to perform various tasks. In any case, remember that not all games support an ultrawide design, so you may see dark bars along the edges, or the picture may be extended to fill the screen.

Additional Features 

RGB Illumination 




HDR10 Yes

Multiple Input Display 


The LG 34GP83A has a few additional features, including:

  • Crosshair: Adds a virtual crosshair on the screen.
  • Black Stabilizer: Makes objects more visible in dark scenes.
  • Reader Mode: Blue light filter to help reduce eye strain.

Refresh Rate 


 144 Hz

Max Refresh Rate 

 160 Hz

Variable Refresh Rate 




The LG 34GP83A-B’s 144Hz invigorate rate can be overclocked up to 160Hz; in any case, it’s just conceivable over a DisplayPort association, and Adaptive Sync should be empowered in the screen’s OSD settings. Over HDMI, the revival rate is restricted to 85Hz, and FreeSync just works somewhere in the range of 48Hz and 85Hz. G-SYNC just works over DisplayPort. In case you’re searching for a screen that locally upholds G-SYNC, look at the LG 34GP950G-B. 

We saw that FreeSync is a bit unsound over HDMI and requires many endeavors to make it work. Additionally, it doesn’t appear as though there’s any LFC (Low Frame Compensation) when utilizing HDMI.


 Compatible (NVIDIA Certified)

VRR Maximum 

 160 Hz

VRR Minimum 

 < 20 Hz

VRR Supported Connectors DisplayPort, HDMI


With a 3440 x 1440 goal, a rambling 21:9 angle proportion and 34-inch screen size, the LG 34GP83A-B conveys liberal space in which to work and play, actually like the LG 34UC80-B that is intended for proficient creatives. For everyday use in Windows 10, you can easily have various windows and applications open immediately, and the comfortable bend of the screen brings about less strain when seeing it from its edges. 

Positively, usefulness is far-fetched the explanation you’re putting resources into the UltraGear 34GP83A-B – it’s a gaming screen all things considered. In such a manner, it isn’t frustrating by any means. The 21:9 super wide angle proportion offers a definitive ‘goodness’ factor. It makes you feel like you’re playing your games at a film, and by crossing the whole field of perspective on a player, you will appreciate vivid encounters, just as a strategic benefit on speedy games. 

For gaming, the LG 34GP83A-B has a couple of more deceives up its sleeves to guarantee it conveys a punch in gaming. A 1ms reaction time, G-Sync and AMD FreeSync Premium similarity, and a quick revive pace of 144hz, all hoist this screen to a gaming dynamo in this class.

Consolidated, these provisions have a colossal effect when gaming, particularly when playing wild, quick moving current titles. For example, Doom Eternal played at 144Hz in a charming and pleasant experience, particularly when you tear through devils in sleek activity, with zero trace of screen tearing. For a reality, it’s great, and it won’t be not difficult to return to 60Hz screens. 

The screen’s picture quality is incredible, and we like that LG worked effectively to convey such quality at this value range. As referenced before, this is an incredible screen that you can use for work; however with DCI-P3 98% shading range support, it is additionally an ideal choice for picture takers and video editors, for whom exact shading generation is immeasurably significant. 


The screen utilizes an IPS nano board and is likewise HDR-empowered, which means you don’t miss on whatever requires proliferation of a nice HDR picture.

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