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OnePlus Watch review

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OnePlus Watch review: Great Battery Life

The OnePlus Watch appears to be like other top-end smartwatches like the Samsung Galaxy Watch 3, with a roundabout plan and two capacity catches on the right side. The treated steel metal body has a lustrous completion, which is really a pleasant change from the matte completions as well as hued aluminum of a large portion of the present watches. 

It’s anything but a pretty heavy smartwatch, with a 46mm width and haul that will probably make it excessively enormous for those with slimmer wrists or who lean toward more modest watch faces. Then again it will suit the individuals who like their watches stout, with a plan and material completion that feels more cleaned than your normal wearable. 

It likewise has probably the best battery life we’ve found in a smartwatch, enduring around seven days with customary use and re-energizing from 0 to 100% in under thirty minutes. 

In synopsis, the watch looks better caliber than other smartwatches at its value, which is effectively a large portion of that of tantamount Apple Watches and Samsung Galaxy Watches. It might have less far reaching capacities than pricier adversaries, and dispatch with just Android similarity for its friend cell phone application (iOS coming soon), and be not able to stack more applications, yet it’s a decent smartwatch for the worth.



Design and display

The OnePlus Watch is an appealing smartwatch with a cleaned sheen and smoothed out plan that make it look pricier than it is. As referenced, it comes in a single size, which will be altogether too enormous for the individuals who incline toward a more modest wearable, yet it has the clean to claim past the tech-stylish group. 

The 46mm watch face is bigger than even the bigger 45mm form of the Samsung Galaxy Watch 3, making it the new ruler of Big Smartwatches. While it does not have the turning bezel of the last mentioned, the OnePlus Watch has a similar 1.4-inch show size as Samsung’s lead watch, however you would get it was bigger, because of a dim bezel under the level glass. 

The presentation is sharp and brilliant, exploiting the AMOLED tech to show rich darks – however given the moderate interface and predetermined number of applications, there isn’t much here that can exploit the screen, beside some upscale watch faces (swappable in the OnePlus Health telephone application).

The showcase reacts to contact controls, however getting around the applications and interface requires utilizing the two catches on the right half of the smartwatch: the top, scratched with ‘OnePlus’ in little print (the surface is useful in separating the catches), carries you to the application menu. The base catch is an adjustable alternate route for any of the smartwatch’s applications (to trade, head to settings > work key). 

The elastic like (fluoroelastomer) watch band is wide and thick, yet at any rate it’s anything but feeble, and it has a sense of safety enough on the wrist to counter the watch’s robust weight. The creeks running down the side of the band are a pleasant touch contrasted with the level wristbands on other cell phones, however its thickness can mean some skin squeezing while tucking the band back under itself until you’ve worn it in.


The OnePlus Watch has nice if fundamental wellness and wellbeing following capacity, which is sufficient at its cost, however it might disappoint those searching for more concentrated exercise helping arrangements. 

OnePlus claims the watch offers more than 110 exercise types, and you’ll discover 14 essential alternatives when taking advantage of the Workout application, from running and swimming to mountaineering, badminton, cricket, and a few others. 

The watch consequently distinguishes exercises when running, with 5ATM pressing factor obstruction and IP68 water and residue opposition. It tracks pulse, blood oxygen immersion, and feelings of anxiety, which you can physically follow by means of committed applications, just as distance through GPS, calories, and swimming rate. 

The watch likewise tracks action progress through four measurements – steps, exercise, energy utilized (in kcals), and action length – which are pictured in the Activity application and on large numbers of the watch faces. Further developed wellbeing information can be seen through another OnePlus Health cell phone application, which is on Android at dispatch (free on the Google Play Store) and coming soon to iOS. 

You’ll require the OnePlus Health application to get a lot of utilization out of the OnePlus Watch – it’s the way you pair the smartwatch with your cell phone and adjust the previous’ further developed settings (tip for individual Americans: head to Manage > settings gear-tooth in upper right > Unit to change from metric to Imperial). 

The OnePlus Health application is shockingly completely highlighted, with breakdowns on following measurements (pulse, rest, blood oxygen level, stress, and so on) that imagine information on charts with day, week, month, and year tabs. While our exercise assessments frequently showed wrong GPS area following, they separate into strong reports that are enlightening and straightforward for various classes like pulse, pace per mile, rhythm, etc. 

Finally, we’d note that while the OnePlus Watch is enormous, it wasn’t irritating to practice with. You will not neglect it’s there, yet it doesn’t overload your wrist or counterbalance your equilibrium; the wide base spreads the watch’s weight out, and the wide band keeps it cozy.

Performance and software

The OnePlus Watch packs an undisclosed OnePlus-fabricated chipset – we asked, and the organization hasn’t hit us up about the particulars of the silicon in the watch – and 4GB of installed stockpiling, of which 2GB is accessible for media. 

The watch moved along as planned in our testing, and didn’t hiccup or back off when put through a determination of assignments – however given the predetermined number of preinstalled applications there’s very little extension for pushing this watch especially hard. 

The OnePlus Watch doesn’t run Google’s WearOS, and rather utilizes the organization’s bespoke working framework (called OnePlus WatchOS). There are upsides and downsides to this, and on the plus side we don’t see WearOS watches coming anyplace close to the OnePlus Watch’s battery effectiveness, which we credit to OnePlus claiming both the product and equipment of the wearable. 

Then again, it implies the OnePlus Watch is left with its set-up of preinstalled applications. These consider every contingency you’d need – exercises, pulse, blood oxygen sensor, clock capacities, etc – and with plainly clear interfaces. While there are far less smartwatch applications (less still that merit downloading) than cell phone applications, veteran wearable clients probably have a WearOS or watchOS application they especially like, and would miss them on this gadget. 

All things considered, the OnePlus Watch is evaluated lower than more adjustable smartwatches – on the off chance that you need more applications on a watch of tantamount clean you’d need to pay almost twice as much for a Samsung Galaxy Watch 3, for instance. 

The bespoke interface is straightforward and proficient, copying some of WearOS’ cardinal-course swipe route (swipe down for control board, up for warnings, ideal for fast music access, and so forth) Press the upper right actual catch and you’ll open the application menu, with applications recorded upward. Basic.

So how’s the OnePlus Watch to utilize? Simple, instinctive – and somewhat harsh around the edges as far as infrequent programming hiccups. Our every day wellness progress, shown in a group of four of shaded bars on the default watch face, continued resetting after exercises (which is the reason the action bars aren’t filled in the watch face of this current survey’s photographs). The compass application continued waiting be recalibrated (it requests that you turn your wrist in an ‘endlessness’ example), and some content covered. 

At the end of the day, the OnePlus Watch feels like a first-age gadget in quite a while of programming, if not equipment or plan, but rather shows guarantee if these peculiarities can be resolved – they don’t restrict the smartwatch’s ease of use, yet the general experience is somewhat unpolished and irritating. 

The OnePlus Watch is viable with most Bluetooth earbuds, and can evidently associate with the OnePlus TV to go about as a brilliant far off and can even kill the TV when it distinguishes that the wearer has nodded off (we didn’t have a gadget around to interface).

Battery life

One of the OnePlus Watch’s huge benefits over the opposition is its battery. In addition to the fact that it lives up to the organization’s cases of around seven days of battery existence with customary use, however it re-energizes quickly, as well. 

The watch has a 402mAh battery, which sits between the Samsung Galaxy Watch 3’s 340mAh battery (which gives a few days of utilization) and the first Samsung Galaxy Watch’s 472mAh battery (as long as five days of utilization). 

OnePlus claims this limit gives as long as about fourteen days of supported use or, for more dynamic clients, one-week battery life. We discovered the last case to be more in accordance with our experience, with the Watch finishing out at five or six days prior to waiting to be re-energized – which is still a long way past what most other smartwatches offer. Furthermore, we’d note that other wellness arranged wearables that match this life span aren’t driving as large a showcase as that on the OnePlus Watch. 

Even better, the included charger re-energizes the watch from void to half quickly, and to full limit in under thirty minutes. Smartwatch batteries aren’t colossal, and most take not exactly an hour to juice back up to full, however given how long the OnePlus Watch keeps going it’s quite astounding to be capable of getting sufficient charge for an entire week’s activity in the time it takes to watch a scene of a sitcom.

Who should buy the OnePlus Watch?

Suitable for

You need a smartwatch that will most recent seven days 

The OnePlus Watch satisfies claims that it can last as long as seven days (however we wouldn’t anticipate considerably more than that), and even at 5-6 days of hefty use you’ll need to charge it definitely less frequently than other smartwatches. 

You need a more reasonable smartwatch 

The OnePlus Watch isn’t modest, yet it’s anything but much more affordable than the enormous name smartwatches available, similar to the Samsung Galaxy Watch 3 or the Apple Watch 6. In the event that you need a nice exhibit of highlights at a decent cost, the OnePlus Watch is a solid choice. 

You need a tasteful looking smartwatch 

The OnePlus Watch’s looks are perhaps the best element, with a smooth plan and tasteful clean on its metal case. It’s enormous, yet smooth.

Not Suitable for

You need applications on your smartwatch 

Probably the greatest weakness of the OnePlus Watch is that you can’t introduce any current WearOS or watchOS applications, or applications from some other working framework. On the off chance that you need something besides what comes preinstalled, pick an alternate watch. 

You like greater interconnectivity with gadgets 

The OnePlus Watch interfaces with your cell phone and to Bluetooth earphones, and surprisingly an OnePlus TV, yet on the off chance that you need something that connects up to a greater environment of gadgets, go for an Apple Watch. 

You need a little watch 

There’s no way to avoid it: the OnePlus Watch is huge. With its 46mm case it’s perhaps the vastest watch around. On the off chance that you need a more modest gadget with a comparable look, attempt the Samsung Galaxy Watch Active 2.

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