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s21 plus vs iphone 12pro

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Samsung Galaxy S21 Plus vs. iPhone 12 Pro: Which phone is best?

The Galaxy S21 Plus does a great deal of things right, from a major, wonderful presentation to superb execution. Be that as it may, so does its immediate rival, the iPhone 12 Pro. Which one winds up being better for you relies upon what you need from a telephone, and whether Android or iOS is more your style. 

In all actuality, the two phones are unfathomable gadgets.The Galaxy S21 Plus is a major telephone, while the iPhone 12 Pro is more minimized. Furthermore, albeit the bigger, more powerful Galaxy S21 Ultra exists, it rivals the iPhone 12 Pro Max instead of the more modest 12 Pro. 

World S21 versus iPhone 12: Which phone wins? 

iOS 15: Everything we know up until this point 

Furthermore: iOS 14.5 just took Waze’s best highlights for Apple Maps

Samsung Galaxy S21 Plus vs. iPhone 12 Pro: Specs


Galaxy S21 Plus

iPhone 12 Pro


Screen size

6.7-inch AMOLED (2400×1080)

6.1-inch OLED (2532×1170)

Refresh rate

48Hz – 120Hz



Snapdragon 888

A14 Bionic





128GB, 256GB

128GB, 256GB, 512GB




Rear cameras

12MP wide (f/1.8), 12MP ultra-wide (f/2.2), 64MP telephoto (f/2.0) with 3x hybrid zoom/30x digital

12MP wide (f/1.6), 12MP ultra-wide (f/2.4), 12MP telephoto (f/2.0) with 2x optical zoom/10x digital

Front camera

10MP (f/2.2)

12MP TrueDepth (f/2.2)

Water resistance

IP68 up to 1.5 m

IP68 up to 6 m

Battery size

4,800 mAh

2,815 mAh

Battery life

9:41 (adaptive) / 9:53 (60Hz)



6.36 x 2.98 x 0.31 inches

5.78 x 2.82 x 0.29 inches


7.05 ounces

6.66 ounces


Samsung Galaxy S21 Plus vs. iPhone 12 Pro: Design

Both the Galaxy S21 Plus and iPhone 12 Pro are wonders of designing, pressing in incredible equipment into delightful bodies. They each have a glass back, however the S21 Plus’ has a matte completion on it that closely resembles the polycarbonate Galaxy S21. The delicate touch covering on the blue iPhone 12 Pro feels extraordinary and grippy. I have no feelings of trepidation about dropping this telephone, thanks to a limited extent to its humble size. 

The Galaxy S21 Plus houses its triple camera module into a form that mixes flawlessly with the telephone’s edge. Then, the iPhone 12 Pro looks fundamentally the same as the 11 Pro, yet Apple got rid of the bended edges. All things being equal, the 12 Pro’s casing is exceptionally gotten down to business, which isn’t as agreeable or ergonomic to hold. 

As you would expect, the Galaxy S21 Plus is the bigger telephone, coming in at 6.36 x 2.98 x 0.31 inches and 7.05 ounces. The iPhone 12 Pro is a lot more modest 5.78 x 2.82 x 0.29 inches and 6.66 ounces. The two telephones include an IP68 water-and residue opposition rating, however the iPhone can get by for 30 minutes at a more profound profundity (6 m) versus the S21 Plus (1.5 m). 

The Galaxy S21 Plus comes in Phantom Violet, Phantom Black, and Phantom Silver. Apparition Gold and Phantom Red are likewise accessible as special features. The iPhone 12 Pro is accessible in Graphite, Silver, Gold, and Pacific Blue. 

Regardless of them both being astoundingly configuration telephones, we need to give the bit of leeway to the iPhone 12 Pro for its better water opposition rating. 

Victor: iPhone 12 Pro

Samsung Galaxy S21 Plus vs. iPhone 12 Pro: Display

The Galaxy S21 Plus and iPhone 12 Pro both use OLED shows, and you’d be unable to disclose to them separated in most use cases. The S21 Plus has a 6.7-inch 2400 x 1080 Dynamic AMOLED screen with a variable 48Hz – 120Hz revive rate. This implies that the screen revives quicker, which prompts a higher casing rate in the working framework. That approaches smoother looking over and higher casing rates in games that help high revive rate shows. 

The iPhone 12 Pro uses a 6.1-inch 2532 x 1170 Super Retina XDR OLED show, however it’s bolted to 60Hz. Fortunately, iOS as of now looks truly smooth with looking over and movements, yet it’s not exactly equivalent to Android at up to 120 casings each second. Notwithstanding, the 12 Pro’s presentation is very staggering and wonderful to take a gander at. 

Similarly as with all telephones, we put these two through some lab tests to find out about their shading exactness and proliferation. For the Galaxy S21 Plus, in the Natural mode, it figured out how to duplicate 103.8% of the sRGB space and 73.% of the DCI-P3 array. The S21 Plus enrolled a Delta-E shading precision score (where 0 is great), of 0.18. 

The iPhone 12 Pro oversaw 115.6% of the sRGB extent and 81.9% of DCI-P3. Its Delta-E score was 0.28, a long ways from the Galaxy S21 Plus’. The two telephones, nonetheless, get bounty splendid, with the S21 Plus overseeing 747 nits and the 12 Pro getting 743 nits. 

The two showcases are superb using any and all means of estimation, easygoing or specialized. Nonetheless, we can just crown one champ in this class and we need to offer it to the Galaxy S21 Plus with its higher revive rate. 

Victor: Galaxy S21 Plus

Samsung Galaxy S21 Plus vs. iPhone 12 Pro: Cameras

The two phones utilize triple camera focal point arrangements, and they’re amazingly comparative. The Galaxy S21 Plus has a 12MP fundamental wide-point shooter, with a 12MP ultrawide and a 64MP 3x fax. The iPhone 12 Pro additionally utilizes a 12MP wide-point and a 12MP ultrawide, yet its zooming focal point is upheld by a 12MP sensor.

 By and by, the S21 Plus and iPhone 12 Pro each produce fabulous pictures, however they each adopt various strategies to post-preparing. Samsung strays toward more splendid scenes and smoother faces, while the iPhone stays somewhat more consistent with life (like the Pixels). The sorcery for the two gadgets lies in programming. 

The iPhone 12 Pro with the A14 Bionic games Apple’s best computational photography endeavors. It likewise has the best form of Night Mode, strong zoom execution, and astounding post-preparing. The Galaxy S21 Plus comes loaded with Samsung’s most recent highlights like the insane Space Zoom, zoom lock, Director’s View and a pack more. Here’s the manner by which these two telephones think about. 

In this photograph of the affiliation pool close to my home, you can see contrasts first thing. The S21 Plus oversaturated the picture, making the tall trees out of sight and the shrubbery in the forefront more verdant. You can likewise perceive how much more splendid everything is, on the grounds that that equivalent shrub to one side is undeniably more obvious than in the iPhone’s shot. 

Yet, I incline toward the iPhone’s picture here, on the grounds that the shadow in the forefront is more profound, and the image doesn’t have the unusual delicate brushed impact that the S21 Plus’ does. 

In this outside photograph, you can see a comparable example. The Galaxy S21 Plus knocks up the openness, making the sky a splendid blue, and relaxing the entire picture. It looks somewhat dreamlike to me. The iPhone 12 Pro imitates the scene better. The shadows are more profound, there’s a more genuine feeling of profundity, and the image all in all looks more dreary since it’s colder time of year. I need to offer it to the iPhone here. 

Moving inside, I moved each telephone to take a respectable photograph of my RGB keyboard. The tones transmit from the middle mesmerizingly. Beginning with the S21 Plus, the telephone’s propensity to knock up the openness neutralizes it here. The console glances somewhat extinguished and hazy. The white keycaps are difficult to peruse. With the iPhone’s shot, the shadings look somewhat more extravagant, the openness is held under wraps, and the keycap legends are more readable. 

The significant thing with these picture shots is the manner by which these phones moved toward the picture of me. The S21 Plus’ shot is cool, excessively smoothed, and it feels somewhat peculiar to me. Yet, the iPhone’s picture isn’t greatly improved. As the sun sets, the 12 Pro warmed everything up. My face is by and large rosy, however the iPhone misrepresents this to a little degree. 

It’s difficult to call a winner here so the two phones battled to catch my similarity fittingly. The two of them applied a comparable haze range on the foundation for that bokeh impact. This one is a draw. 

In this picture, I’m really at a misfortune on which one I like better. On one hand, the Galaxy S21 Plus’ photograph is gentler and it controls the unforgiving daylight in the foundation better. Yet, then again, the iPhone’s selfie has a lot more honed subtleties, regardless of whether the foundation is very nearly extinguishing. I will consider it a draw on this test, since I could genuinely pick either picture and be cheerful. 

Victor: iPhone 12 Pro

Samsung Galaxy S21 Plus vs. iPhone 12 Pro: Performance

Regardless of anything else, the iPhone 12 Pro is a definitive cell phone as far as execution. Notwithstanding the Galaxy S21 Plus shaking a Snapdragon 888, Qualcomm’s best framework on-chip yet, the iPhone 12 Pro’s A14 Bionic keeps on driving in crude numbers. That is just essential for the story, however, and as far as genuine use, the two phones feel pretty equivalent in many regards. 

Gaming, for instance, feels astounding on one or the other gadget. Regardless of whether it was some Call of Duty: Mobile, Genshin Impact, or streaming PC games by means of Steam Link, the S21 Plus and 12 Pro both functioned admirably. Past gaming, these telephones handily dealt with web perusing, running various applications at the same time, and watching recordings on YouTube, Plex and Crunchyroll. 

In our lab tests, the two handsets experience similar benchmarks so we can find out about how they perform. In Geekbench 5, the Galaxy S21 Plus scored 3,300 for multi-center, while the iPhone 12 Pro got 3,669. 

To the extent designs execution, for 3DMark’s Wild Life Unlimited, the S21 Plus found the middle value of 33.37 fps. The 12 Pro arrived at the midpoint of 51 fps. Also, while transcoding a 4K video to 1080p in Adobe Premiere Rush, the S21 Plus finished the undertaking in one moment. The iPhone 12 Pro did it in only 27 seconds. 

Champ: iPhone 12 Pro

Samsung Galaxy S21 Plus vs. iPhone 12 Pro: 5G

Like with the Galaxy S21 versus iPhone 12 go head to head, we didn’t get an opportunity to put both the Galaxy S21 Plus and iPhone 12 Pro through a full set-up of 5G testing. All things being equal, we utilized a Verizon SIM and a low-band zone (mmWave isn’t effectively available at the present time). 

The two phones revealed a full sign, sitting in a similar spot in a similar hand for our testing. We performed 5 dry runs and 5 recorded tests with the Speedtest application and found the middle value of the outcomes together. Taking into account how iPhone 12 Pro Max fared against the Galaxy S21 Ultra in that go head to head, these outcomes astounded us. 

The Galaxy S21 Plus’ normal download speed was a simple 4.3 Mbps, and the iPhone 12 Pro’s was 12 Mbps. It’s another funny illustration of the province of 5G at the present time, particularly the low band Verizon rollout (I live in the more noteworthy Washington, D.C. zone). The outcomes ought to be flipped since the iPhone utilizes the X55 modem from Qualcomm, while the S21 Plus utilizations the more current X60. 

Until further notice, we can’t say which telephone offers better 5G execution, as we’ll need to perform seriously testing. 

Champ: Draw

Samsung Galaxy S21 Plus vs. iPhone 12 Pro: Battery life and charging

5G takes a huge cost for batteries. The iPhone 12 is the primary arrangement of iPhones from Apple to utilize the new innovation, so some developing torments are unavoidable. Along these lines, the iPhone 12 Pro didn’t keep going as long as you would expect given how well its LTE-just archetype did. That is not the say the telephone bites the dust rapidly, but rather its 2,815 mAh battery depletes perceptibly quicker than the Galaxy S21 Plus’ 4,800 mAh power pack. 

Our battery test is the equivalent for all telephones we survey. Every gadget has its showcase set to 150 nits and afterward reloads website pages at regular intervals on a cell association (5G for this situation) until it kicks the bucket. The Galaxy S21 Plus went through two tests, one for its versatile invigorate rate and the other for the 60Hz mode. 

The Galaxy S21 Plus endured 9 hours and 41 minutes on versatile (which is the default mode out of the container) and 9 hours and 53 minutes on 60Hz. The iPhone 12 Pro oversaw 9 hours and 6 minutes. The two telephones are exceptionally close here, however the S21 Plus squeezes out a triumph. 

For charging, neither one of the phones remembers a charging block for the container. This is intended to save money on e-squander and to reduce down on expenses. You do in any case get a USB link and you can buy a charging block independently. The Galaxy S21 Plus backings up to 25W quick charging, while the iPhone 12 Pro backings up to 20W. You can utilize remote chargers for one or the other telephone, including the new MagSafe charger for the iPhone 12 Pro. 

Champ: Galaxy S21 Plus

Samsung Galaxy S21 Plus vs. iPhone 12 Pro: Software and special features

Programming is the way the two phones stand separated from one another. The Galaxy S21 Plus utilizations Android, explicitly its One UI 3 skin on Android 11. The iPhone 12 Pro uses Apple’s iOS 14. These versatile working frameworks do things extremely another way from one another, and they appeal to various individuals. 

Samsung as of late reported another approach for gadget uphold, saying that it will uphold a portion of its gadgets for three significant Android refreshes. That is uplifting news and an enormous improvement over the Samsung of old. The updates will in any case fall behind Google’s true Android discharges by a while as a rule, however in any event they will undoubtedly show up sooner or later. 

The iPhone 12 Pro doesn’t have this issue. It gets refreshes the exact day as some other upheld iPhone. At the point when Apple puts out another iOS rendition, similar to iOS 15, the iPhone 12 Pro will get it that very day. It’s a model that some Android clients envy, notwithstanding how long Apple underpins its telephones. 

The Galaxy S21 Plus runs the most recent variant of Android, Android 11. With this telephone, Samsung presented One UI 3.1, which brought a great deal of new highlights. Things like Google Discover incorporated into the home screen, Google Duo incorporated into the stock telephone application, and significantly more, it was a major update that is streaming down to other Galaxy gadgets. Samsung likes to toss a great deal of programming highlights at its telephones, and some stick around. 

We’ve just discussed iOS 14, however it changed a great deal of things about how you use iOS. It added gadgets to the home screen, an App Library for the entirety of your applications (much the same as Android’s long-standing application cabinet), and the capacity to set your own default internet browser and email customer. The most recent iOS 14.5 will allow you to pick your own default music streaming application, as well, in addition to other things. 

While one isn’t superior to the next, the iPhone 12 Pro scarcely wins here because of how quick it gets refreshes. Samsung doesn’t stay aware of Google’s deliveries, 

Champ: iPhone 12 Pro

Samsung Galaxy S21 Plus vs. iPhone 12 Pro: Overall winner


Galaxy S21 Plus

iPhone 12 Pro

Price (10 points)



Design (10 points)



Display (15 points)



Cameras (20 points)



Performance (15 points)



5G (5 points)



Battery and charging (15 points)



Software and special features (10 points)



Overall (100 points)



This is a nearby race, however the iPhone 12 Pro eventually outpaces the competition. In spite of the fact that the Galaxy S21 Plus put forth an exceptionally valiant effort, the iPhone deals with a triumph in this go head to head on account of its better presentation and particularly its better cameras. 

The Galaxy S21 Plus has a greater presentation with quicker invigorate rate and longer battery life, so on the off chance that those are more critical to you, Samsung is the best approach here. 

At last, you’ll need to find out if you incline toward Android or iOS. That will be the central consideration for you, except if you’re  stage skeptic. Else, you’ll need to choose whether you need a major or more modest screen.

Chosen Gadget  is supported by its audience. when you purchase through links on our sites. we may earn and affiliate commission. Learn more

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