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Samsung Galaxy Note 20 Ultra Review

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The Samsung Galaxy Note 20 Ultra is the ultimate smartphone for the ultimate price


The Samsung Galaxy Note 20 Ultra has it all. Huge 6.9-inch Display, Dynamic 120Hz refresh rate, a Sharp 108MP camera, Improved performance and a better S Pen experience, it is designed for users who are willing to pay a premium.




OS: Android 10 with One UI 2.0

Display: 6.9-inch AMOLED (QHD; 120Hz)

CPU: Snapdragon 865 Plus


Storage: 128GB, 512GB

Rear camera: 108MP wide (ƒ/1.8); 12MP telephoto with 5x optical zoom (ƒ/3.0); 12MP ultrawide (ƒ/2.2)

Front camera: 10MP (ƒ/2.2)

Battery: 4,500 mAh

Battery life: 10 hrs 26 min (7:59, 120Hz mode)

Colors: Mystic Bronze, Mystic Black, Mystic White

The Samsung Galaxy Note 20 Ultra is quite possibly the most developed big-screen telephone yet on the grounds that it’s substantially more than a telephone. It’s a profoundly developed note-taking gadget, an incredible 50x zoom camera and even a smaller than normal Xbox and work area PC all folded into one device. 

In any case, is it worth the super superior cost? After altogether testing the Galaxy Note 20 Ultra, I’d say the appropriate response is yes — on the off chance that you can value all the extravagant accessories. 

The Galaxy Note 20 Ultra flaunts a colossal 6.9-inch show with a powerful 120Hz revive rate, a sharp 108MP camera with laser auto concentration and a more responsive S Pen. The customary Galaxy Note 20 is the better alternative for the individuals who can live without a 120Hz presentation and further developed cameras. 

In general, we incline toward the more current Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra, which offers far superior cameras, a quicker Snapdragon 888 chip and even discretionary S Pen uphold. What’s more, the iPhone 12 Pro Max is an incredible alternative in the event that you lean toward iOS. Be that as it may, as you’ll find in my full Samsung Galaxy Note 20 Ultra survey, this is a superb gadget.

Galaxy Note 20 Ultra review: What I like

Dynamic 120Hz showcase is incredible: Scrolling feels like spread when you have the Adaptive movement perfection setting turned on. Also, improved games like Dead Trigger 2 look truly smooth. 

The Note 20’s S Pen feels better compared to pen and paper: You get a quick 9ms reaction time and offer a pen-to-paper feel. Jotting notes on this board feels totally normal to the point I fail to remember I’m composing on a screen. 

Space Zoom camera is amazing: I got in extremely close with the Note 20 Ultra’s 5x optical zoom, putting my iPhone 11 Pro Max’s 2x zoom to disgrace. What’s more, the advanced zoom remained consistent up to 20x; it got unstable at 50x. 

New S Pen stunts are addictive: The new Air Actions can prove to be useful (like attracting a snappy curve the air to return Home). In any case, they don’t generally work the first run through. 

Remote DeX mode and Link to Windows function admirably (pretty) well: I figured out how to get the Note 20 Ultra to associate with my TCL Roku TV remotely and utilize the telephone as a touchpad. Furthermore, Link to Windows allows you to run Android applications on your PC.

Galaxy Note 20 Ultra review: What I don’t like

This camera swell is very huge: The camera fix on the rear of the Note 20 Ultra distends an incredible arrangement. 

Bended showcase can disrupt the general flow: While it looks cool, the bended presentation can at times prompt inadvertent screen taps when holding the telephone. 

Expensive: a great deal to pay for a phone, even one as completely stacked as this lead.

Samsung Galaxy Note 20 Ultra review: Design

Samsung has made its most exquisite looking telephone at this point with the Galaxy Note 20 Ultra. The made right edges joined with the refined Mystic Bronze shading give this handset a corner office vibe. 

I likewise like that the completion works effectively opposing fingerprints, not at all like the Aura Glow finish on the Galaxy Note 10 Plus. You can likewise get the Note 20 Ultra is Mystic Black and Mystic White. 

Several things I don’t care for about the plan. One, the camera fix on the back is large and massive, which not just helps me to remember knuckle reinforcements — it props up the whole telephone. You can hear the telephone wobble when you push down on the highest point of the showcase. 

And keeping in mind that the bended showcase is hot, it can now and then reason unplanned taps when you’re simply holding the telephone. At times my screen taps didn’t enlist, as I didn’t understand my other hand holding the phablet was meddling. 

Estimating 6.49 x 3.03 x 0.32 inches (164.8 x 77.2 x 8.1 mm) and weighing 7..3 ounces (208 grams), the Galaxy Note 20 Ultra isn’t pretty much as large as the Galaxy S20 Ultra (6.6 x 2.7 x 0.34 inches and 7.7 ounces), however it’s as yet a modest bunch contrasted with the Galaxy Note 10 Plus (6.4 x 3 x 0.31 inches and 6.9 ounces) which had a more modest 6.8-inch show. 

There have been a few grumblings from Galaxy Note 20 Ultra proprietors that the camera lodging has been gathering residue and buildup under the glass. Be that as it may, our audit unit has not displayed this issue. 

Generally speaking, notwithstanding some minor grumblings the Galaxy Note 20 Ultra truly does closely resemble an expensive handset.

Samsung Galaxy Note 20 Ultra review: Display

The enormous 6.9-inch OLED quad HD+ show on the Galaxy Note 20 Ultra is huge, strong and brilliant. More significant, this is the principal Samsung telephone to offer a powerful 120Hz revive rate. 

The Galaxy S20 arrangement acquainted a quicker invigorate rate with Samsung telephones, conveying smoother looking just as better visuals, particularly for games and motion pictures. However, it was a component you needed to physically change. With the Note 20 Ultra, the invigorate rate consequently changes depends on what substance is on screen, which should save money on battery life. 

When utilizing the presentation I discovered looking to be very smooth and quick in Chrome with Adaptive mode turned on. You can generally pick 60Hz physically in the event that you need to save every single drop of juice.

I likewise attempted the Dead Trigger 2 games, which is one of the titles streamlined for the 120Hz board. As I went around shooting zombies and exploring dull passages the game looked smooth and felt amazingly responsive. 

The Note 20 Ultra’s board is extremely brilliant and is genuinely simple to peruse in direct daylight. The showcase hit a genuinely high 662 nits on our light meter, which is generally excellent yet not as high as the iPhone 11 Pro’s 752 nits. 

The Note 20 Ultra’s screen delivered 121.5% of the sRGB shading range in Natural Mode and 201.2% in Vivid mode, contrasted with 118.6% for the iPhone 11 Pro Max. The Note 20 Ultra beats Apple on exactness, enrolling a Delta-E score of 0.24, contrasted with 0.28 for the iPhone 11 Pro Max (where 0 is awesome). 

Some Galaxy Note 20 Ultra proprietors are whining that green colour is showing up on the screen when the brilliance is brought down. We have not encountered this issue on our audit unit. We contacted Samsung however they don’t have any remark as of now.

Samsung Galaxy Note 20 Ultra review: Cameras

The Samsung Galaxy Note 20 Ultra highlights a triplet of back cameras, in addition to a laser auto-center sensor that should address one of our greater objections about the Galaxy S20 Ultra and its issues with center. 

The camera exhibit begins with a 108MP wide camera with a f/1.8 gap, and it’s matched with a 12MP super wide camera with a 120-degree field of view and f/2.2. The 12MP zooming focal point conveys a 5x optical zoom and up to a 50x super goal zoom. 

I wore out the ground-breaking Space Zoom on the Note 20 Ultra with this tree as the subject. As you can find in the display beneath, the outcomes look genuinely sharp as far as possible up to 10x zoom, however the 20x and particularly the 50x shots look hazy. All things considered, this is superior to what you get from the iPhone at the present time. 

The 108MP camera choice may seem like over the top excess, yet it can prove to be useful when you need to have the opportunity to trim route into a photograph sometime later. Simply ensure you have sufficient encompassing light, as this setting is best utilized outside. 

As you can find in this photograph of a person sitting by the lake, I could trim in on only a bit of the green mountains, and you can in any case make out a lot of detail. There’s a tad of clamor in the edge. 

The Galaxy Note 20 Ultra’s Night Mode is acceptable yet it’s not exactly as splendid or beautiful as possible summon. You can see the distinction in this photograph of a fruit basket captured in darkness. You can make out a greater amount of the peaches and grapes, just as the actual basket. 

The Note 20 Ultra did a genuinely great job with portraits, however Samsung’s inclination to marginally clean out appearances is predominant here, and you can see that it experienced a touch of difficulty with the daylight. The iPhone 11 Pro Max’s representation is really satisfying and make me pop more against the foundation, regardless of whether the pic is excessively warm. 

On the off chance that you need to record the most honed video conceivable, you’ll be satisfied to realize that the Samsung Galaxy Note 20 Ultra can record 8K video with a 21:9 angle proportion at up to 24 edges each second. There’s additionally another Pro Video mode that allows you to control the center, openness and zoom speed. Also, you can utilize the installed mics or outer mics, for example, the Galaxy Buds Live. 

The 12MP selfie camera in advance (f/2.2) has a 120-degree field of view, which should prove to be useful for group selfies.

Samsung Galaxy Note 20 Ultra review: S Pen

The Samsung Galaxy Note 20 Ultra advantages from a quick 9ms reaction time for its S Pen, which is intended to convey to a greater extent a pen-to-paper feel when taking notes or drawing. 

Likewise, the S Pen presently offers five new Anywhere activities, which expand on the Air Actions from the Galaxy Note 10 arrangement. You can get back to the home screen, make a screen effort, get back to a new application and more through different signals. Yet, it will take some training before you can recall each motion based Anywhere activity. 

Other S Pen overhauls please the product front. The improved Samsung Notes application currently incorporates Live Sync so you can save the entirety of your notes to the mists and afterward access them from any gadget. 

In addition, the Note 20 Ultra is sufficiently shrewd to time sync your notes alongside voice chronicles, so you can hear what was being said right when you jotted down that idea. 

I took a stab at recording a voice notice in the Samsung Notes application, and adequately sure, I could see the words I composed featured as I played back the clasp. 

Likewise, the Samsung Notes application currently makes it simpler to discover your notes with a more PC-like document organizer structure. The product can even fix your penmanship.

Samsung Galaxy Note 20 Ultra review: Performance

The Samsung Galaxy Note 20 Ultra is one of the quickest Android telephones around, as it’s one of the main handsets with Qualcomm’s Snapdragon 865 Plus processor. This chipset supports the clock speed by 10% up to 3.1 GHz and the design is likewise 10% quicker than the standard Snapdragon 865 chip inside the Galaxy S20. 

This processor is matched with 12GB of RAM and either 128GB or 512GB of inward stockpiling.  I wish the Ultra began with 256GB of capacity, yet at any rate you can grow it through microSD card opening by up to 1TB. 

I gave the Note 20 Ultra to our occupant Fortnite master, my 12-year-old child, and he discovered the interactivity to be smooth to the point that I needed to campaign hard to get the telephone back. 


On Geekbench, which estimates generally speaking execution, the Note 20 Ultra hit a multi-center score of 3,294, which is in front of most Android telephones yet behind the Asus ROG Phone 3 with a similar Snapdragon 865 Plus chip, which indented 3,393. The iPhone 11 Pro scored a much higher 3,500. 

The Note 20 Ultra additionally followed the iPhone on our video altering test, taking required 1 moment and 16 seconds to the iPhone’s 45 seconds. 

On the GFXBench designs test, the Galaxy Note 20 Ultra scored 1,455 edges on the Aztec Ruins (High Tier) off-screen benchmark, contrasted with 1,657 casings for the iPhone 11 Pro. 

As you would expect for a top notch leader, the Galaxy Note 20 Ultra backings the two kinds of 5G, so you ought to have the option to bounce on both sub 6-GHz organizations and mmWave networks easily where they are accessible. 

In New Jersey I saw fair download speeds on T-Mobile’s 5G organization, going between 40 Mbps and 99 Mbps. Yet, it was not actually blasting. Transfers ran somewhere in the range of 10 and 35 Mbps. 

A few analysts have whined that the Galaxy Note 20 Ultra can run somewhat hot. A Note 20 Ultra teardown has uncovered that the telephone utilizes a multi-layered graphite warm cushion to help with heat scattering rather than the copper line and fume chamber framework utilized in the Galaxy S20 Ultra. In any case, we have not encountered any warmth issues.

Galaxy Note 20 Ultra review: Battery life and charging

The Galaxy Note 20 Ultra packs a beautiful burly 4,500 mAh battery, which held up well in day by day use. 

Subsequent to unplugging at 9 am I utilized the Note 20 Ultra with a wide scope of applications. I watched longer than an hour of Umbrella Academy on Netflix, streamed Spotify with the screen on for 90 minutes and played around 40 minutes of Fortnite. I likewise utilized Twitter for almost 60 minutes, ridden the web and browsed email. 

After all that I actually had about 27% squeeze left at 9 pm. That is not terrible.

Galaxy Note 20 Ultra battery life vs other phones

Battery life (hrs:minutes)

Battery size


Galaxy Note 20 Ultra (60Hz/120Hz)


4,500 mAh

OnePlus 8 Pro (60Hz/120Hz)


4,510 mAh

Galaxy S20 Ultra (60Hz/120Hz)


5,000 mAh

Galaxy S20 Plus (60Hz/120Hz)


4,500 mAh

iPhone 11 Pro Max


3,969 mAh

iPhone 11


3,190 mAh

Galaxy Note 10 Plus


4,300 mAh

Google Pixel 4a


3,140 mAh


The Note 20 Ultra suffered for 10 hours and 26 minutes on the Tom’s Guide battery test, which includes consistent web surfing at 150 nits of screen splendor over 5G. For this situation we utilized T-Mobile’s organization. This was with 60Hz screen mode on. The gadget endured only 7:59 with the 120Hz screen mode turned on. 

By correlation, the Galaxy S20 Plus with its 4,500 mAh battery endured 10 hours and 31 minutes and 8:55 in 120Hz mode. Furthermore, the OnePlus 8 Pro kept going 11 hours and 5 minutes in 60Hz mode and 9:02 in 120Hz mode. The handsets on our best telephone battery life list all last more than 10 hours. 

The Note 20 Ultra accompanies a 25-watt charger, which squeezed the gadget to 56% in a short time. That is acceptable, yet it’s not as quick as the OnePlus 8 Pro’s 63% in a similar measure of time.

he Samsung Galaxy Note 20 Ultra is the zenith of Android phablets It offers a top tier show, a superior S Pen insight and a boatload of highlights for work and play. The cameras are generally excellent, fixing the centering issue with the Galaxy S20 Ultra, and the ground-breaking zoom and Xbox ongoing interaction give the Note 20 several preferences over the iPhone 12 Pro Max. 

The iPhone 12 Pro Max is the predominant camera telephone dependent on our testing, as it incorporates a greater primary sensor that allows in more light, a LiDAR sensor that speeds up self-adjust and Dolby Vision video recording and altering. Furthermore, the new iPhone boats a harder Ceramic Shield show. Yet, it comes up short on the Note 20 Ultra’s 120Hz showcase and S Pen uphold. 

Some may incline toward the more up to date Galaxy S21 Ultra. It conveys a quicker processor, stunningly better cameras and discretionary S Pen uphold. However, on the off chance that you truly need the pointer worked in I’d go with the Galaxy Note 20 Ultra.


Total score

Samsung Galaxy Note 20 Ultra

The Samsung Galaxy Note 20 Ultra is the most versatile big-screen phone yet, making it best for power users who are willing to pay a premium.

Our Rating

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