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SunBriteTV 55-inch Veranda Outdoor Review : A Great Weather Proof TV with sunproof display

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The outdoor TV to get. The weather proof design is rock-solid, and the TV has better picture quality and sound than the previous version.

The present best TVs are more keen and more intelligent than at any other time, however very few of them can head outside. Fortunately, there’s the SunBriteTV 55-inch Veranda (SB-V-55-4KHDR-BL), an open air TV that puts 4K goal and HDR uphold into a weatherproof bundle that can withstand downpour, dust, temperature limits and even bugs. The defensive plan gives the Veranda a top notch cost, yet in the wake of testing the TV and review it inside and out, it merits the cost as the best outside TV we’ve seen and a standout amongst other 55-inch TVs generally speaking.



SunBriteTV Veranda Outdoor TV: Key specs

Screen Size





3840 x 2160



Refresh Rate





2x 20-watt

Smart TV Software



49.4 x 28.7 x 3.5 inches [w/o stand]


47 pounds [w/o stand]

SunBriteTV Veranda Outdoor TV: Design

With regards to the actual plan of the open air arranged Veranda, this TV is a stronghold, not a style plate. It’s about assurance, and style arrives in a removed second. The TV bureau is assembled like a tank, with powder-covered aluminum rather than the lightweight plastics and extravagant completions seen on premium indoor sets. The front and back equal parts of the bureau are darted together and fixed against dampness and earth. It’s likewise completely encased, without any vents that may allow in residue, bugs or pungent sea air. 

The bulky metal development makes for a powerful TV, with the Veranda weighing 47 pounds and estimating 49.4 x 28.7 x 3.5 crawls without the discretionary stand. The general plan actually figures out how to be thin and light contrasted and other outside TVs. The 40-inch Evervue Cosmos TV gauges an extremely difficult 80 pounds, because of a treated steel walled in area and an inner environment control unit. Indeed, even without particular interior temperature controls, the Veranda can be utilized in extraordinary warmth and cold, from highs up to 104 degrees Fahrenheit to lows of less 24 degrees.

The rear of the TV has a matte completion that looks like the defensive shower on coating found in truck beds, while the front of the case – which is for the most part the presentation bezel – has a shinier completion. Set into the base bezel is the TV’s IR sensor.

SunBriteTV Veranda Outdoor TV: Ports and protection

On the rear of the set is a fixed board of data sources and yields, giving you a full port determination. To keep the components out, however permit links in, the connector board is bolted behind a hefty metal entryway that gets with three thumb screws. Along the lower part of the entryway is a hole ensured by a thick froth elastic gasket. Adequately adaptable to form to the state of links going through, it successfully repels wet climate and warmth-chasing bugs that may attempt to work their way into the set’s ports. 

The port determination is fair, with three HDMI ports (counting one with Audio Return Channel uphold), part and composite video inputs, and even a VGA port. A solitary USB 3.0 port allows you to associate a drive for advanced media, or force an outer gadget. A RF connector allows you to append a radio wire for over-the-air channels. 

While there is an Ethernet port, it’s only for IP-based control of the gadget. The TV has no shrewd usefulness, and it isn’t prepared for gushing without an optional gadget. All things considered, the port compartment offers sufficient space to add a Google Chromecast or other streaming stick, so you can add a few smarts to the weatherproof stupid TV in the event that you need to.

SunBriteTV Veranda Outdoor TV: Performance

The Veranda is an open air TV, and with that specialization comes a couple of admonitions about picture quality. The Veranda is improved for concealed establishments, like a covered cabana or concealed deck. To improve perceivability with such a lot of potential surrounding light, the showcase flaunts an immediate LED backdrop illumination that has the splendor dialed up. 

Without neighborhood diminishing, the Veranda’s full-exhibit backdrop illumination is only more splendid, with none of the firmly centered light controls seen around premium indoor sets. A road scene in Spider-Man: Homecoming showed Peter Parker on an emergency exit at nightfall, and the whole scene was overpowered by the setting sun. Where it ought to have had rich tones and discernable subtleties, the picture was generally extinguished. 

At the point when we tried the splendor, we estimated a pinnacle of 346 nits. That is almost indistinguishable from the 2017 adaptation of the SunBriteTV Veranda arrangement, which estimated at 354 nits. The SunBriteTV Signature arrangement, then again, posted a most extreme brilliance of 695 nits – yet remember, the Signature arrangement is intended for halfway daylight seeing, while the Veranda is intended for full shade. Both offer excellent perceivability in their individual ideal conditions. 

A lot of standard TVs can convey more splendor – the TCL 6-Series has a most extreme brilliance of 608 nits, while the Samsung Q9FN dialed up to a rankling 3,272 nits. That higher brilliance is typically saved for HDR content, while the Veranda produces it by and large, expanding the splendor across the whole presentation. In real survey, the SunBrite TV is more splendid than a portion of its indoor companions, yet not as great in HDR execution. 

Watching a scene from Blade Runner 2049, the differentiation of splendid lights in a dim club wasn’t pretty much as distinct as I’d expect, and brilliantly lit shots showed some conflicting shadows along the external edges of the board. 

Despite the fact that the Veranda has a 60Hz revive rate, quick activity was somewhat rough. Snappy moving items and individuals –, for example, Spider-Man swinging through Queens – had articulated spreading, as though they were encircled by a hazy haze of video ancient rarities. Shading quality failed to impress anyone, also; pinks, reds and blues were totally nibbled oversaturated, making fine differentiations in tone hard to recognize. 

Generally speaking we hope to see some really extreme picture issues on open air TVs – bargains made for the sake of outside perceivability – however we were satisfied to see that the Veranda did very well in our lab testing. 


The shading propagation was very acceptable, with the Veranda showing 98.61% of the sRGB shading range. We expect most TVs in this value reach to draw nearer to the 100% imprint – the Editor’s Choice Samsung 65-inch Q9FN (99.94%) and esteem most loved TCL 6-Series (99.96%) both improved – yet we can barely blame the outside arranged Veranda for falling somewhat short. We ought to likewise call attention to, it’s really an improvement more than the 2017 model (97.4%). 

The Veranda additionally conveyed strong shading exactness, testing at a DeltaE rating of 2.67 (lower scores are better). This is, once more, a critical improvement over the 2017 model, which had a DeltaE rating of 3.5, and definitely better than later outside models, similar to the SunBrite TV Signature (6.7) and the Evervue Cosmos (13.1). 

In any event, sitting flawlessly focused before the TV, at the ideal distance of 4.5 feet, I could see a touch of shading moving on the privilege and left edges of the screen. A purple test screen was bordered with pink, and any off-point seeing made tones slant. While it isn’t unwatchable, it’s perceptible enough that swarming more than a few group around the TV to watch a film or game will mean a few group will not consider everything to be it ought to be. 

Associating the Veranda to our Xbox One X, we were satisfied to see uphold for 4K gaming, yet additionally for 10-cycle tone and HDR in both applications and games. It will likewise uphold an assortment of edge rates (counting 24Hz, 50Hz, 60Hz), which will be useful for anybody utilizing a game comfort as their essential streaming source. 

In the event that you needed to utilize the Veranda to take your gaming outside, be prepared to back off in high speed games – the TV had a tried slack season of 73 milliseconds, much more slow than we suggest for most gaming.

SunBriteTV Veranda Outdoor TV: Audio

The SunBrite Veranda’s implicit speakers might be all you require to appreciate shows and motion pictures on your covered yard. The two 20-watt speakers convey powerful volume and solid bass. When tuning in to determinations from The Bourne Identity soundtrack, I was intrigued by how clear everything sounded. This is, once more, an improvement over the 2017 Veranda, where the fixed body configuration marginally suppressed any stable coming from the speakers. This time around, I didn’t have any such issues. 

What’s more, on the off chance that you decide on a bunch of every climate speaker or a soundbar from SunBrite, the Veranda additionally has an underlying 20-watt amp.

SunBriteTV Veranda Outdoor TV: Remote control

SunBriteTV has been utilizing a similar controller style for in any event two years now, so the Veranda’s distant is something of a natural face. Like the TV, it’s intended for outside use, and has a fixed plastic layer over the 50 fastens that offer everything from numbered input and up/down for channel and volume to media playback controls. The individual catches are each under an individual domed air pocket on the plastic surface, and there’s no material differentiation between one catch and another.

SunBriteTV Veranda Outdoor TV: Verdict

The SunBriteTV Veranda 55-inch outside TV is a commendable replacement to the models we’ve inspected previously, with a similar strong form quality, weatherproof plan and improved picture and sound quality. 

Similarly as with other SunBriteTV models, we wish there were some shrewd TV capacities on offer, however with such countless approaches to add those highlights to the TV yourself, it’s a little bandy on a usually fantastic open air set. Contrasted and past models, including the SunBriteTV Signature Series, the new SunBriteTV Veranda is the best open air TV we’ve seen.


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