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The Best IPL Hair Removal Device

Philips Lumea Prestige Review


The Philips Lumea Prestige is the brand’s most impressive hair removal gadget, and is just the best IPL machine available. It offers simple, torment free at-home hair expulsion, with various keen highlights that make it stand apart from the rest.

In the event that you’re searching for smooth, free skin, the Philips Lumea Prestige is a lead IPL machine which plans to give you enduring outcomes, securely, from your own home. 


It’s the most impressive IPL hair expulsion gadget from Philips yet, and is one of the solitary IPL machines which can be utilized wirelessly. It is explicitly intended for the body’s bends with three astute connections which fit and adjust to every particular body part. 


I’ve gone through the most recent two years destroying my legs, and other body parts, to appropriately survey Philips Lumea Prestige, and these are my considerations…




IPL stands for ‘Intense Pulse Light’. It uses multiple wavelengths of light to heat pigment within the hair – killing the growing cells and stopping the hair from regrowing. 

It’s different in relation to laser hair removal, which utilizes a monochromatic light source and is more focused on and particular. This implies that proficient laser hair expulsion will prompt quicker outcomes. The critical advantage to IPL, notwithstanding, is that IPL machines are handheld gadgets which can be utilized at home, so you don’t have to make a laser center arrangement. It’s so helpful you can do it while sitting in front of the TV, as there’s no wreck. 

It’s significant IPL is a major interest on schedule and cash – these machines decrease hair development – they don’t eliminate hairs right away. It is anything but a handy solution, yet, when utilized effectively, will make keeping up body hair a lot simpler. 

Considering that, it’s a smart thought to begin your IPL treatment a couple of months before you need smooth, without hair skin.

How to Use?

OK, so how would you really utilize the Philips Lumea Prestige? 

At the point when you initially get the Prestige you’ll need to download the Philips Lumea IPL application. This will walk you through utilizing the machine and set up a treatment plan. It’s a basic, all around planned application that is not difficult to utilize.

At first, you’ll need to IPL your picked body part/parts like clockwork for about two months (four meetings). The application will remind you when a treatment is expected. 

The Lumea Prestige has a sensor, called the Philips SmartSkin Sensor, which gauges your skin tone and hair thickness, and consequently chooses the power setting. 

You can utilize the gadget corded or cordless, which is helpful on the off chance that you need to sit easily away from an attachment, however you can get to higher settings when utilizing the Prestige corded. 

When you’re prepared, essentially place the gadget against your skin and pull the trigger. The bulb will not blaze except if there’s a seal between your skin and the light window – this is to secure your eyes and to guarantee right situation. 

For more modest, trickier zones you would then be able to move the Lumea and pull the trigger once more, or, for bigger zones like your legs, you can skim the gadget gradually along your skin holding the trigger for a ceaseless run of blazes. 

It can require some investment to do your legs (around 15-20 minutes) as the light window zone is tiny. I think this is completely endurable, particularly as you can do it from the solace of a couch, rocker, or bed. 

Depicting the vibe of IPL is very troublesome – it’s positively not excruciating, but rather, sometimes, you can feel an odd stinging sensation, similar to a little bug nibble that disappears following a couple of moments. It’s unquestionably significantly less excruciating than waxing or epilating.

I’ve discovered a nearby shave preceding your IPL treatment is vital to limiting these stings. 

After the underlying stage, you need to finish top-up meetings each six to about two months. Once more, the application will remind you when a treatment is expected.


I’ve been utilizing the Philips Lumea Prestige for quite a long while at this point, fundamentally on my legs, and I am content with the outcomes. During the underlying stage you may feel somewhat crippled by the measure of hair decrease, you’ll need a top-up shave in the middle of medicines, however after the two-month point hair is observably better. 

Past that, body hair is significantly better and sparser, and the more you utilize the Lumea Prestige, the better the outcomes are. 

Obviously, it’s important again that IPL deals with some skin and hair types better compared to other people.

Design and Attachments

The Lumea Prestige feels like an extravagance gadget. It’s strong and gives you certainty that it could endure being tossed in a bag and slammed around a bit. 

Philips has picked a L-formed plan for the Lumea Prestige, which we like over the ‘stick antiperspirant’ plan of some other IPL machines. The L-shape is agreeable to hold and makes broadened utilize less difficult. 

That being said, the machine is still very weighty, so can be wearing on your wrists. Thus, while I can joyfully cover the two legs all alone, I do incline toward having an accomplice do it for me. 

The Lumea Prestige is the lead item in Philips’ IPL range, and, thusly, it accompanies all the connections you’ll require to treat your whole body. These


Face attachment

The Face connection has a little, level window for exact use on the upper lip, jaw or facial structure. It likewise includes an extra red channel, which consequently changes the light treatment for delicate and successful use all over.

Precision attachment

The Precision connection is a medium-sized, bended connection intended for exact inclusion of two-piece and underarm territories

Body attachment

The Body connection is the biggest bended, shape following plan for quick treatment on enormous body regions like legs, arms, back and stomach. 


The Philips Lumea Prestige is the brand’s most impressive hair expulsion gadget, and is basically the best IPL machine available. It offers simple, torment free at-home IPL, with various keen highlights that make it stand apart from the rest. 

For a beginning, it is the lone Philips IPL machine that can be utilized remotely, just as wired. We found that truly valuable if, for instance, you need to IPL before a mirror however don’t have an attachment close by. 

The Prestige accompanies three insightful connections which fit and adjust to convey a custom fitted treatment program for every particular body part, and it’s the lone Philips IPL machine with the SmartSkin sensor. This sweeps your skin type and naturally chooses one of the five light energy settings. 

Indeed, the Lumea Prestige is certainly costly (despite the fact that you can regularly discover bargains on Philips Lumea IPL machines), however it’s ergonomic, the application functions admirably, and we were unbelievably satisfied with the results.

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