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Zhiyun Smooth 4 Review: makes Vlogging easy

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Makes smartphone Vlogging/Photography Easier and Professional.

Tired of making shaky videos? This smartphone gadget will help stabilize your phone and create smooth professional clips.We are testing out  the Zhiyun Smooth 4, which might be the best smartphone stabilizer yet  but does it live up to our expectations?




Compatibility: Smartphone (65 to 82mm width)

Stabilization: 3-axis

Dimensions: 123x105x328mm

Weight: 560g

Battery life (approx): 10 hours

Design and Features

So we’ve referenced the wheel, yet that is not by any means the only surprising plan perspective. 

On most gimbals – indeed every other one we’ve seen – there’s a joystick on the front. That is utilized for changing the container and slant of the camera physically, yet there isn’t one on the Smooth 4. 

All things being equal, you need to hold the trigger on the back and afterward move the handle toward the path you need the camera to turn. The trigger has two catches and the lower one is for more slow, smoother development, yet holding the upper one permits the gimbal to move a lot quicker which can be valuable when you need quick changes. 

It takes some becoming accustomed to, we actually lean toward a joystick even subsequent to testing the Smooth 4 a long time. 

We’d be more joyful to acknowledge the framework if the handle and trigger were all the more ergonomically planned. Rather than a tube shaped plan, Zhiyun has gone for a square shape which isn’t happy to hold, especially on the grounds that it’s more extensive than it is profound. Turn it 90 degrees and it’s considerably more agreeable to hold, yet the catches and trigger aren’t reachable. 

The trigger is likewise altogether too high when holding the handle lower down, where it’s more agreeable, and excessively low on the off chance that you hold it higher up so you can arrive at all the catches. It’s anything but a total major issue, however it’s amazing to discover such an unergonomic handle plan.

There are presumably a couple of such a large number of catches, yet one you will utilize is the switch simply over the force button. It flips between container follow and lock, however recollect you actually need to hold the trigger in the event that you need to shift the camera up or down. 

The smartphone clip has solid springs which hold your smartphone firmly, yet it’s very interesting to get the smartphone in there in any case. You can unscrew the cinch and turn it 90 degrees so your smartphone shoots in representation mode if that is the thing that you need. 

A decent element – which all gimbals ought to have – is a holding cut which holds the arms set up in the shut position. It’s anything but a switch, and takes care of the gimbal when you close it. Be that as it may, it actually experiences a similar issue as certain adversaries: in the event that you stretch out the arm to balance taller, heavier smartphones, you can’t close it as the engines hit one another. This implies you need to unscrew and reset the arm each time you need to take care of it or pack it away. 

Zhiyun gives a miniature USB port close to the smartphone cinch for charging your smartphone, however gives no links to do as such. So you’ll need to source your own.

Usability and Performance

The Smooth 4 isn’t too simple to start up. Getting a smartphone into a decent position is sensibly straightforward on account of a little lock wheel, yet we had issues getting the ZY Play application to associate with the Smooth 4 through Bluetooth. It worked ultimately, however the following time we utilized it the connection wasn’t made quickly; everything’s altogether too manual for our loving. 

That application is pleasingly technically knowledgeable. It’s anything but a huge load of semi-master highlights like time-slip by, hyper-pass, long openings, all encompassing photographs and a great movement time-pass mode. With HDR, channels, scene modes, a huge load of manual changes and a capacity to shoot in up to 4K 60fps, its interface is basic and simple to explore utilizing the plenty of easy route catches on the gimbal’s complete control board. In any case, there is an expectation to absorb information. 

Being used the Smooth 4 satisfies its name, making liquid and stable film across all tomahawks because of its reliable form quality. Praise specifically goes to the wheel on the section, which makes it simple to calibrate a shot. Its capacity can be traded between center draw and zoom utilizing an alternate way on the control board’s snap wheel.

One thing that the Smooth 4 possesses a great deal of is battery power, with its 2,000mAh lithium-particle power pack useful for a 10-hour shoot. That is a less thing to stress over, yet it improves. The Smooth 4 takes into account two-way charging, making it conceivable to append the in-situ smartphone to a miniature USB opening covered up on the slant hub arm. That makes it conceivable to energize the Smooth 4 and your smartphone at the same time – probably from a battery pack in your pocket – however why Zhiyun decided to utilize the maturing miniature USB determination is a secret.


The ZY play application is accessible for iOS and Android, yet you can’t utilize every one of the highlights on Android. Additionally, a few capacities will be restricted by your smartphone model. 

Utilize the ZY play application and you gain admittance to the full scope of highlights, yet some aren’t actually worth messing with. Zhiyun overplays the Vertigo highlight, which utilizes the zoom wheel to re-make the impact from the film of a similar name. 

The issue is that, not at all like on DJI and Parrot drones which likewise have this cart zoom impact, the Smooth 4’s is awkward to set up and depends on your expertise at zooming and scrolling in reverse which means you’re probably not going to get great outcomes. Also, the zoom isn’t smooth: it’s jerky. Similarly as with different gimbals, zoom is absolutely in programming and can’t utilize your smartphone’s fax camera. 

The ZY play application offers subject following, yet as we’ve found with others, it’s just not on par with DJI’s execution and doesn’t dependably follow individuals, particularly in the event that they’re moving rapidly across the casing. That is astonishing as we’ve heard extraordinary things about the global positioning framework on the Smooth Q. 

Fortunately, on account of an association among Zhiyun and FiLMiC, the incredible FiLMic Pro application is completely viable with the Smooth 4 and immediately combined with it on the iPhone. This implies you can utilize the zoom/center wheel – something that was unimaginable only a couple months prior. You can likewise utilize switching between standard, fax and selfie cameras and select Reticles, Full Auto and Manual shooting modes. 

In case you’re not kidding about shooting great video, and you should be in case you’re perusing a gimbal audit, it’s definitely worth putting resources into this application and the entirety of the Smooth 4’s catches work with it.

What do we like?

The Zhiyun Smooth 4 highlights extraordinary qualities compared to other form characteristics we’ve seen in smartphone stabilizers. Its handle is made of plastic, yet nothing feels free or modest. The arms in the smartphone holder are solid. The included mount has longer legs, estimating at around four inches, which guarantee expanded security. Most other stabilizer mounts we’ve tried have legs that action a large portion of that length. 

I love the quantity of catches and alternate ways on the Zhiyun Smooth 4. It’s uncommon to discover a smartphone stabilizer with almost as numerous catches for fast access. Moreover, a wheel copies as four alternate route catches for fast activities, and there’s a huge wheel as an afterthought that permits you to one or the other concentration or zoom physically. The trigger catches in the back permit you to switch follow modes when there’s no other option. A few catches feel less durable, however that has not influenced execution yet. The wheels offer great obstruction and circle easily, as well 

Battery life is additionally stunning at around 10 hours for each charge, regardless of whether it is marginally not exactly the DJI gimbals. The gadget has a few hours of testing a day during our four-day testing window. It will effectively live through a solitary day video shoot. 


Gone are the days when we needed to manage loads. The interaction has become considerably more easy to use, as the adjusting has been mechanized on this gadget. 

As far as adjustment, it did shockingly well. The video was insane smooth when recording while at the same time strolling. In any event, when running, the shake was kept to an entirely decent least. Also you can exploit display, channels, and other cool highlights.

What we don’t like?

Not much, and the Zhiyun Smooth 4 is no exemption. While I wish it had each and every element the opposition offers, this is basically not something sensible to anticipate. 

A vital element missing from the Zhiyun Smooth 4 is the object following. The DJI OM3 and OM4, alongside the lower-end Zhiyun gimbals like the Smooth X and Smooth XS, have this capacity. For what reason does the better quality model come up short on this? Additionally absent is the capacity to control development utilizing a joystick or catches, which is likewise accessible from Zhiyun’s own other options. 

I’m not a colossal aficionado of the friend versatile application by the same token. Be that as it may, the equivalent applies to pretty much every other gimbal application out there. The Zhiyun Play application can be somewhat confusing, and the association with the gimbal isn’t programmed by the same token. This implies you need to physically associate the gimbal (and select which model you have) each time you need to utilize it. 

When you move beyond the association cycle, the shooting UI is really intensive. All things considered, there’s somewhat of an expectation to absorb information because of the relative multitude of choices and highlights. Additionally, understanding what every one of the numerous catches in the stabilizer does is one more obstacle. 

While this may not be an issue to most clients, enormous smartphone proprietors should focus on the payload furthest reaches of 210g. Testing the gimbal with a Google Pixel 4a and a Samsung Galaxy S10 Plus brought about no issues. In any case, I ran over complexities with the bigger Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra (229g), which comes in over as far as possible. The Zhiyun Smooth 4 would work for a piece, yet the engines would basically surrender following a couple of moments of utilization. This weight limit isn’t preposterous, yet remember arriving at it’s anything but as hard as one would might suspect. Any essentially enormous smartphone like a Galaxy S21 Ultra and the iPhone 12 Pro Max gauges more than 210g.

Final Verdict

A worthy smartphone stabilizer at a low value, the Smooth 4 incorporates a lot of on-body controls, head of which is a wheel for centering or zooming. Material and simple to utilize, the Smooth 4 collaborates with the astounding ZY Play application to make time-slips, all encompassing photographs and movement slips. An amazing form quality and fortunate usability helps settle on this a champion decision for any smartphone content maker client searching for a prosumer DSLR-like gimbal experience.

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